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EEO Open 1

- The policy of this Department that the work environment is free of discrimination and sexual harassment.
o Two types, Quid pro quo and hostile work environment


EEO Open 2

- I have a legal and moral obligation to maintain a workplace that is free of discrimination and sexual harassment.
- If this occurs
- The Department faces civil liability regarding these
- It can have Adverse effects on our employees
- Negative image it can cast upon our Department,
- Loss of Public Trust
- Professional and Organizational Values are core at implementing this policy.


EEO Scenario address

- Immediately take all necessary steps to stop this from occurring
- separating these employees (if necessary)
to prevent its recurrence.
- I need to ensure documenting is occurring
- Initially try to resolve this at the lowest level possible.


EEO Victim Employee

Potential aggrieved employee(s):
- Private setting.
- Ask if behavior is unwelcome.
- Ask how they would like the situation resolved.
- Take time to explain the process
- Can be handled informally, with an EEO counselor,
- Formally, with an EEO investigator
- Handle internally (within an 11 month time frame)
- Handle externally filing with (State DFEH) or (Feds
- Assure them we’ll be conducting an inquiry.
- Assure confidentiality to the degree possible.
- Provide with list of EEO Counselors
- Advise to report any retaliation
- Provide with EAP services.
- Follow up with the employee (before, during, after)
- check on general well-being, provide any releasable
status updates, ensure not being subjected still to
such conduct.


EEO suspect Employee

- Potential suspect employee
- Private setting
- Approach the situation in a fair and impartial manner.
- I want to appeal to this employees professionalism
- One-way conversation in observation of POBR rights.
- Department does not tolerance violations of our
EEO policies and IF behavior is occurring, it is to
- Advise that retaliation will result in an Adverse
Action investigation.
- Provide with Confidentiality statement
- Offer EAP services.
- Follow-up with employee to check on general well
being (before, during, after)


EEO Invest/FU

- Make UPWARD notifications to Chain of Command -
- Discuss a PLAN OF ACTION.
- If warranted, and agreed upon by my next in line of
command, I would assign a sergeant to make an
initial inquiry.
- Gather a list of any witnesses and any evidence for
any potential investigation.
- Research personnel records for previous
- speak with other supervisors for any past patterns.
- Advise chain of command, initiate administrative
investigation/adverse action, if needed.
- Follow up training, briefings, SROVT's (if necessary)
- Monitor the work environment for associated or more
- Make sure my supervisors are empowered to do their
jobs of keeping EEO violations out of the work
environment through required training and
- have an open-door policy,
- handling this correctly and keeping the chain of
command updated. (and confidentiality)



- Investing in our People,
- employees provided training to do the job we’re
asking them to do, and as a Lieutenant, I will
take personal responsibility and accountability to
- Ensure our employees are receiving their required
training, both the online and classroom training, sexual
harassment, cultural awareness, racial profiling and
other EEO training, AND
- Remind employees/keep in front of minds
- Informal training opportunities in: briefings, ride-
along(s), training days, SROVT’s, AND
- Although currently suspended, Utilize the expertise of
our EEO counselors and EEO investigators to provide


EEO closing

- As a Lieutenant, I understand the importance of our EEO policies and I will support them and our goals of keeping the Department free of Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunities.