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Department goals

• I know we use the Incident Command System to manage all emergency incidents in accordance with NIMS/SEMS.
• When managing these incidents, I will make sure we are executing our Department’s Mission of Providing the Highest Level of Safety, Service, and Security and I will accomplish this by executing all 4
• of our departmental goals:
o Protect Life and Property
o Engage Public Trust through Superior Service
o Invest in our people
o Anticipate public safety and law enforcement trends and provide assistance to allied agencies
• I will also make sure our employees have the tools, equipment, and training they need to do the job we are asking them to do, including:
o TOOL/EQUIPMENT: Having a well-maintained vehicle fleet and PPE gear
 Active Shooter training, both our departmental training and other training opportunities; including conducing joint Active Shooter training with our local allied agencies.
 Officer safety related training; the annual certification on the CHP 199, and other training opportunities including AOST and the Tactical Supervisors Course.
 I also want to make sure our officers are receiving their required shoots per HPM 70.8
 Reviewing HPM 70.6, Active Shooter policies contained in GO 100.101, and Active Shooter protocols located in our Emergency Operations Plans.
 I also want to make sure we are engaging our employees in briefings, ride alongs, and SRVOT’s where we can discuss Active Shooter Response protocols and their responsibilities to immediately respond and stop the killing in accordance with HPM 70.6. I know we can not afford a situation like what occurred in Broward County Florida.


Initial Response

• Upon hearing this broadcast, I’ll immediately respond along with my officers and sergeants and make sure we are requesting the resources we’ll need to mitigate this incident:
o Fire, Medical, Life Flight,
o K-9, Air Ops
o Allied agencies, and
o SWAT teams, CNT teams, and HDD teams
• While responding, I will gather as much information as I can and ensure immediate notifications to:
o Chain of Command and keep them informed as often as possible.
o TMC for a sig alert, and CalTrans for assistance with a long-term closure.
o I will also notify adjoining allied agency law enforcement and adjoining CHP Areas to assist with peripheral calls as this will likely tax our resources.
• Upon arrival, I will assume incident command responsibilities and ensure we are taking proactive steps to resolve this incident:
o You can expect my Sergeants, officers, and myself to immediately arrive on scene, form contact teams if it doesn’t delay our entry, we’ll enter the facility, bypass victims, and seek to eliminate the threat in accordance with HPM 70.6.
o I will make sure suspects are disarmed and in custody, and if not in custody, ensure that we are taking apprehension efforts including, setting up a perimeter, broadcasting BOL’s and Blue Alerts, and utilizing K-9 and Air Operations, as well all other resources at our disposal to get these individuals in custody.
o Make sure we are addressing any other threats; including a possible suspect vehicle used to get to this location.
o I’ll assign an Officer to any suspects we have in custody & I’ll assign an officer to any unsecured weapons.
o Obtain public safety Statement


Initial response continued

• I will assess the scene and determine the need for protective measures such: MR PESS*
o Medical aid
 Is being performed
 A triage location is identified
 Hospitals are being contacted for mass victims
o Rescue operations are being performed or planned if needed.
o Public Warning, are being made, especially when suspect is outstanding. (Air Ops PA broadcast, emergency broadcast system, media advisory)
o Evacuations: AND
o Shelter in Place: are being conducted if necessary
o Scene Security: In the form of inner and outer perimeters for the safety of our victims, on-scene personnel, and to protect potential criminal evidence
o *If Officer is injured, assign another officer for transportation to the hospital and to secure their gear.


Initial actions cont.:

• Take care of Officers involved in the shooting:
o Assign an Officer to each of them.
o Have uninjured employees transported to a safe and secure location; probably the area office where they have access to restroom, food/drinks, phone.
o I will not isolate them and will allow them to speak to other Officers and their family, just not about the incident.
 Will not allow their weapon to be removed without CIIT team’s knowledge.
 Will not allow them to change out of their uniform without the CITT teams knowledge
 Do not allow to be interviewed or interrogated without CIIT team knowledge.


Incident command post

• I will establish a Unified Incident Command Post in a safe location AND ensure it is distinctly marked to make it readily identifiable. AD LiPSS
o Activate needed ICS positions: (COP LF) Command, Operations, Planning, Logistics/intelligence, Finance, AND
 This includes ensuring our Officers and resources are being taken care of with breaks, food, water, restrooms.
o Develop and disseminate an Incident Action Plan.
• I will APPOINT: “LiPSS”
o Liaison: for communications with allied agencies
o PIO: to handle the media, including a staging area and handle all media inquiries at the direction of the Commander.
o Scribe: to record on-scene activity and personnel on scene. They will be positioned at the designated ingress and egress location.
o Sergeant: [IF NECESSARY: Ex: Research personnel files to contract family members, transportation to hospital, and/or handle hospital duties. Or to develop a safety plan]
• As the incident Commander, I will continually evaluate the incident to ensure we have proper personnel, equipment and resources to successfully mitigate the incident AND I will keep management updated on a frequent basis.
 ISU or Allied agency having criminal investigatory responsibility
 Coroner, Evidence Tow, clean-up crews, etc…
• I will remain as Incident Commander until properly relieved or the incident has concluded


After Action Review

• Make sure my Sergeants, Officers, Dispatchers, and other resources have access to EAP, PEER SUPPORT, and CRITICAL INCIDENT DEBRIEFS.
o I know our officers involved in the shooting will be required to undergo a CRITICAL INCIDENT DEBRIEFING within 72 HOURS
• Conduct debriefing with ALL personnel where we can also address MOU’s concerns and any training needs.



• Ensure all required documentation is complete, including:
• After Action Review is submitted
• CHP 268s & CHP 275
• CHP 121 packages
• Comm-net (Unusual Occurrence)
• *DOJ form if there is an in-custody death



As a Lieutenant, I will manage these incidents in a manner which protects the public, protects our officers, reduces civil liability, protects the image of the Highway Patrol and maximizes our trust within our communities.