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Who is responsible for
1. Ensuring that the Recruitment Team membership reflects the diversity of
the department.
2. Identifying necessary team member skills and assigning team members accordingly.
3. Coordinating the overall recruitment program.
4. Maintaining records of all recruitment activities.
5. Arranging for appropriate compensation for team members.
6. Tracking and coordinating logistical aspects of recruiting (e.g., supplies, equipment, vehicles).
7. Providing progress reports to the Deputy Chief of Administration.
8. Overseeing Recruitment Team meetings.

Recruitment Team Coordinator


The Human Resources (HR) representative, as part of TFD’s Recruitment Team, shall be responsible for?

1. Serving as the liaison between City Human Resources and TFD.
2. Providing orientation to recruitment team members.
3. Assisting with the development of outreach material.
4. Attending Recruitment Team meetings.


The Media Coordinator shall be a TFD uniform member or a civilian working
with a TFD uniform member who is responsible for?

1. Developing all written materials used in the recruitment effort (e.g., advertising, press releases, fliers, brochures).
2. Developing all internet/web-based recruiting materials and mechanisms.
3. Attending Recruitment Team meetings.


The Recruitment Team shall be structured as?

a. Deputy Chief of Administration or his/her designee
b. Representative from Human Resources
c. TFD uniform members, one of whom will serve as the Recruitment Team Coordinator
d. Media Coordinator(s)


How often does the recruitment team meet?

The Recruitment Team shall establish a meeting schedule as needed for the
purpose of coordinating all recruitment and candidate training activities.


Who and how do you contact if interested in the recruitment team?

TFD members interested in serving on the Recruitment Team shall contact,
in writing, the Deputy Chief ofAdministration.


Recruitment Team Action Plan includes?

a. When each task must be done
b. Who will do it
c. How long it will take
d. What resources will be needed to carry it out


Who is responsible for
1. Overseeing the recruitment effort.
2. Developing and implementing the overall recruitment plan.
3. Authorizing necessary expenditures.
4. Providing recruitment progress reports to the Fire Chief.
5. Attending Recruitment Team meetings.
6. Maintaining this document.

Deputy Chief of Administration or his/her designee


"Recruitment" is what policy number?


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