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Who is responsible for:
1. Keeping records of all completed FIR 2570 0001 submitted to the Safety Office.
2. Maintaining this document.

The Safety Captain shall be responsible for


Who is responsible for:
1. Knowing and understanding service testing requirements for ground ladders.
2. Certifying the condition of all TFD ground ladders through appropriate tests.
3. Scheduling ground ladder service tests for each engine and ladder company.
4. Maintaining permanent records of all ground ladder service tests.

The Ladder 3 Captain


All new ground ladders purchased by TFD and used by TFD personnel shall
be constructed and certified by the manufacturer in accordance with the requirements of the current edition of

NFPA Standard 1931


Company Officers shall ensure ground ladders are inspected?

monthly and after each use.


All ground ladders used by TFD shall be inspected and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the current NFPA Standard?



All ground ladders shall be service tested at least

annually and after:
a. The ladder has been exposed or is suspected of having been exposed
to direct flame contact.
b. The heat sensor label has changed to indicate heat exposure.
c. The ladder has been subjected to overloading, impact loading, or unusual conditions of use.
d. Any deficiencies have been repaired, unless the repair was limited to halyard replacement.


Extension ladders shall be tested with a minimum preload load of

350 lbs.


Extension ladders shall be tested with test load of



Company Captains shall Maintain a record of completed FIR 2570 0001 forms for
their ladders for how long

1 year


Company Captains shall Forward FIR 2570 0001 forms older than one year to the?

Safety Office.


Who Maintains records of all repairs made to ground ladders

The Fire Garage Supervisor shall


Sensors turn from orange to black at?

400 degrees Fahrenheit


What policy number is
Ground Ladder Safety


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