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What policy number is "Rules of conduct"?



Who is responsible for maintaining this

The Deputy Chief of Administration


Payment in any form for real or personal property or services of any kind is?



Emergency response companies, fire communications and uniformed day shift personnel assigned to a group for training and drilling purposes is a?

Drill group.


Voluntary transfer of real or personal property of any kind or the voluntary
rendition of services of any kind without consideration of equal or greater value,
but not including any reasonable hosting, including travel expenses, entertainment, meals or refreshments furnished in connection with appearances, ceremonies and occasions reasonably relating to City business, where otherwise permitted by law is a?



How many time should you check your email?

Check TFD e-mail at least twice per shift; morning and afternoon.


(General Conduct Expectations)
All TFD personnel shall not?

Accept or receive any compensation, gifts, favors, rewards or gratuity as delineated in the City of Tacoma Code of Ethics.


If a TFD employee receives an order that is in conflict with a previously issued order, s/he shall?

a. Bring the original order and the name of the person who issued it to the attention of the officer who issued the conflicting order.

b. Carry out the order to the best of his/her ability if the officer who issued the conflicting order insists on compliance after receiving the
above information


Rude, offensive or abusive remarks shall be considered?

verbal insubordination


Indifference, insolence, rude gestures and/or failure to follow an order to
completion shall be considered.

non-verbal insubordination


(Personal Contact Information)
All TFD personnel shall?

a. Maintain a phone for being contacted.

b. Ensure his/her current phone number and home address are on file at TFD Headquarters.
i. Home addresses shall not be P.O. boxes.


If a phone number or address changes, TFD personnel shall?

a. Provide written notification via email within 24 hours to:
i. TFD Headquarters at TFDContactInfo@cityoftacoma.org
ii. His/her immediate supervisor
iii. 142 Safety Office

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