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Who is responsible for
Organizing and convening an Internal Advisory Board (IAB) as needed to
review driving records of individuals found responsible for multiple preventable, chargeable-preventable and/or numerous collisions or
-Forwarding IAB recommendations to the Fire Chief

The Deputy Chief of Support Services


Who is responsible for
4. Ensuring each candidate receives a Driver Retraining packet
5. Maintaining a cadre of qualified Driver Retraining instructors
6. Tracking each employee’s 28 shift officer evaluation syllabus
7. Maintaining this document

The Administrative Battalion Chief for Safety


The Company Officer, In-charge Firefighter/Paramedic or other personnel in charge of a driver during his/her 28 shift officer evaluation shall be responsible for:

1. Evaluating and documenting the employee’s driving abilities every shift
2. Coaching, counseling and disciplining the employee as necessary to improve driving habits and proficiency
3. Recording in Training Tracker the drills that are required in the 28 shift officer evaluation syllabus


28 Shift Driver Retraining Syllabus

A detailed list of drills, reading and
practical evaluations intended to achieve demonstrated improvement in driving


District Course/Road Test

Course that satisfies the road test requirements for the Washington State Association of Fire Chiefs EVIP program.


Any TFD employee involved in an accident found by the ARB to be either
“Preventable” or “Chargeable-Preventable” and who meets the following criteria shall have his/her driving privileges suspended:

a. Any single occurrence of a “Chargeable-Preventable”
b. Two “Preventables” within a one year period
c. Three “Preventables” within a five year period


Any TFD employee who is found by the ARB and/or Fire Chief to have a
“Chargeable-Preventable” or “Preventable” any time after completing a previous TFD Driver Retraining Program shall:

a. Have his/her driving privileges suspended

b. Reapply for repeat driver retraining in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this document subject to Fire Chief approval

c. Successfully complete the 28 shift driver retraining syllabus


The Fire Chief may after a review of an employee’s driving record on a case-by-case basis:

a. Deny the employee the opportunity to participate in initial or repeat driver retraining
b. Require the employee to complete the 28 shift driver retraining syllabus as part of initial driver retraining
c. Permanently rescind the employee’s driving privileges and driving pay


TFD’s Driver Retraining Program shall include

a. 4 to 6 hours of classroom sessions, including a written test
i. Minimum passing score on the written test is 80%
b. One hour cones course on the TFD Training Center drill grounds
c. One hour practical driving on an open road course, including the Training Center Road Course or a comparable District Course/Road Test
d. 28 shift driver retraining syllabus for repeat drivers


Company Officers, In-charge Firefighter/Paramedics and/or other personnel in charge of conducting 28 shift driver retraining syllabus evaluations shall

a. Document the employee’s driving capabilities in an IDC sent electronically to the driver’s Battalion Chief with a copy to the
Administrative Battalion Chief for Safety

b. Record in Training Tracker the drills that are required as part of syllabus completion


The IDC documentation of employee driving capabilities shall include at least the following information:

a. Number of emergency incidents driven
b. Number of non-emergency incidents
c. Number of route business trips out of station (e.g.; driving to Training Center or FCC)
d. Evaluation of driving drills and driver performance on each shift


What policy number is driver retraining

5009 safety

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