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What policy number is Signal 1, 2, and 3

3507 ems operations



A public official, typically not a physician, whose function is to investigate, by inquest, any death thought to be the result of unnatural causes.


Medical Examiner (M.E.)

An appointed public official, fulfilling the role of the Coroner, but who is also responsible for determining the manner and cause of death
for the purpose of identifying the deceased and issuing a death certificate. Tacoma
and Pierce County are served by a Medical Examiner who is required to be medical
doctor and a board certified pathologist.


Medical Investigator

A staff member of Medical Examiner’s office who has been trained in death scene investigation.


Obvious death.

A death is obvious if are any one of the following signs is clearly present: rigor mortis, decomposition, decapitation, incineration, lividity, or evisceration of the heart or brain without vital signs.


Signal 1

A death that apparently resulted from smoke inhalation or thermal burns.


Signal 2

A death that is not suspicious and apparently resulted entirely from natural causes, such as known heart disease or diagnosed terminal cancer.


Signal 3

A deceased patient, whose death was sudden and unexpected or apparently resulted partially or entirely from unnatural causes. Examples of Signal 3 include:
1. Sudden death of a person thought to be in good health (e.g., suspected SIDS)
2. Traumatic death from an industrial accident or motor vehicle collision
3. Apparent homicide or suicide


Simple Triage and Rapid Transport (START or JumpSTART) System.

A triage system used during mass casualty incidents (MCI) for quick identification
and classification of patients into treatment categories. START is used for patients
older than eight years. JumpSTART is used for patients aged eight years and younger.


For a confirmed Signal 1 or Signal 3, FCC personnel shall?

notify the Medical Examiner Office and Law Enforcement.


TFD operations personnel shall be aware that the on duty Medical Investigator or Medical Examiner declines jurisdiction when?

a. The death is entirely natural and
b. There are no unlawful factors and
c. The deceased has been under the care of a physician and
d. Family or friends are available to choose a funeral home or


TFD operations personnel shall provide the following information to the on
duty Medical Investigator or Medical Examiner upon his/her request

a. Patient medical history
b. Estimated down time
c. All other medical information, including a copy of the EMIR


When the on duty Medical Investigator or Medical Examiner declines
jurisdiction, custody can be accepted by any competent adult such as?

a. Family member
b. Close friend
c. Apartment manager
d. Facility staff member
e. Representative of a funeral home or mortuary


Who is responsible for Maintaining this document?

The Assistant Chief of Emergency Medical Services or his/her designee.

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