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Who maintains this document.

Deputy Chief, Operations Bureau, or his/her designee


who is responsible for managing all resources, including RICs that are allocated to the rescue of lost or trapped firefighters.

The Rescue Group Supervisor, if assigned by the Incident Commander, shall be a
TFD Chief Officer if available


Alert tones

Three one thousand cycle tones sent over the radio by Fire Communications.


Direct Channel

Channel on 800 MHz radios that bypass repeater towers, allowing direct radio-to-radio communication. Direct Channels are not monitored by FCC, cannot be scanned, nor will they allow use of the emergency button.


Emergency Button

The orange button on all 800 MHz radios that when pressed automatically shifts the radio from any network channel to Emergency Channel 16, and initiates an emergency notification to the TFD Fire Communications Center.
(Note: Emergency button is NOT functional on a direct channel.)



Organizational level in operations with responsibility for managing a specific function (e.g., Rescue, Ventilation, Fire Attack).


Personnel Accountability Report (PAR)

Roll call of all personnel assigned to
crews and sectors identified and organized by the Incident Commander for the
purpose of confirming the accuracy of the accountability system and/or determining the identity of a lost/trapped firefighter.


Rescue Group

Group assigned by the Incident Commander, once the need for
rescue is confirmed, to work with the RIC to provide additional assistance for search and rescue of lost and/or trapped personnel.



Two or more individuals who have been assigned a common task and are
in communication with one another by safety guide rope, visual, audible or physical means, coordinate their activities as a work group and support the safety of one another.


Upon receipt of a lost/trapped firefighter report, the Incident Commander shall?

a. Direct FCC personnel to transmit alert tones and announce the
MAYDAY on the tactical channel and Channel 16 to notify
personnel that rescue efforts will be initiated.
b. Call for additional resources.
c. Call for an immediate PAR.
d. Launch RIC.
e. Assign a Rescue Group Supervisor to manage the MAYDAY.
f. Maintain the fire attack to protect lost/trapped firefighters.
g. Adjust strategies and tactics and assign personnel to tasks that support the rescue mission.


What sequence will be followed when declaring a MAYDAY?

a. Tactical channel
b. Activate emergency button (Emergency Channel 16)
c. Turn Radio OFF then ON
d. Direct Channel 15


What are the Channel Limitations?

a. Direct Channels are not monitored by FCC, cannot be scanned, nor will they allow use of the emergency button.
b. Use of the emergency button will select Channel 16; no other channel can be accessed without turning radio OFF then ON.


The PAR shall include the following?

a. Who: Radio designator and company member names
b. What: Current assignment or task
c. Where: Location


If FCC does not respond to your MAYDAY transmission after pressing the orange button what steps do you fallow?

a. Provide the “who, what, where” information.
b. Reposition yourself to another location and repeat MAYDAY—MAYDAY—MAYDAY along with the “who, what, where” information.


What policy number is MAYDAY

2018 fire operations

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