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(FIR 308).

Annual Hose Test Log


(FIR 334).

Hose Inventory


Who is responsible for:
1. Ensuring hose testing and repair/replacement is performed in accordance
with the guidelines set forth in this document.

2. Maintaining this document.

The Safety Captain


TFD Engine Captains shall be responsible for maintaining

1. Station and apparatus hose inventory.
2. Company hose testing schedule.
3. Company hose inventory and testing records.
4. Inventory and inspection of ladder company hose in dual apparatus stations.


TFD Station 2 personnel shall be responsible for

1. Repairing 5” supply hose in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this

2. Replacing hose in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this document.

3. Ensuring there is an adequate supply of 1¾” hose at Station 2 for emergency replacement when Station 2 personnel are not available.


Acceptance test

A test pressure that may be stenciled on hose indicating the pressure at which the hose was tested by the manufacturer.


Service test

Hydrostatic test conducted annually on all in-service hose to determine its suitability for continued service.


Stabilization period

The amount of time required per 100 feet of hose in the test layout.


Service test pressures shall be

a. 300 psi for attack lines.
b. 200 psi for 5” supply lines.


The maximum amount of hose to be tested at one time is

300 feet.


Hose testing shall be conducted in an area without hazards that may endanger personnel or damage hose and that

a. Is large enough to lay 300 feet of hose in a straight line without bends or kinks.
b. Has a dedicated water source.


The stabilization period for hose testing shall be

not less than one minute per 100 feet of hose in the test layout.


TFD personnel shall

Mark and tag with an explanation all hose sections that fail testing.

Document hose testing on FIR 308 and in the Apparatus Log Book.


Small diameter hose shall not

be patched.


How much 1¾” hose shall be available at Station 2 for emergency replacement in the event that Station 2 personnel are

Four 100-foot sections


TFD Engine Captains shall maintain

a. Hose inventory (FIR 334) on apparatus assigned to his/her station.
b. Company hose testing schedule.
c. Company records related to hose testing (FIR 308).
i. Copies of the FIR 308 shall be maintained in the company file for the life of the hose.


Approved hose testing machines are available from:

a. Station 2.
b. Station 8.
c. TFD Training Center.


When the hose pressure exceeds 45 psi during testing, all TFD personnel

clear the hose testing area except for those required to perform the remainder of the hose testing procedure.


TFD personnel inspecting a hose test layout for leaks shall

be at least 15 feet to the left side of the nearest hose line in the test layout.

a. The left side of the hose line is the side to the left when facing the free end from the pressure source.


TFD personnel shall not stand:

a. In front of the free end of the hose.
b. On the right side of the hose.
c. Closer than 15 feet on the left side of the hose.


Perform pressure leak integrity test on the hose testing machine as follows:

a. Use the integral pump to apply pressure through the machine at a level that is 10% higher than the highest service test pressure
needed for the hose to be tested.

b. Hold the pressure for three minutes with the pump turned off.


Secure the hose directly in back of the test cap to avoid whipping or other uncontrolled movement in the event of a hose burst, with

a. Two 100 foot bundles of 2½” hose or equal is recommended


Raise the hose pressure slowly, at a rate not to exceed

15 psi per second, until service test pressure is attained and maintained for the duration of the stabilization period (one minute per each 100 feet of hose)


Forward the copies of the FIR as follows

a. Original (white) copy to the Station 2 Captain.

b. Pink copy in the company file.


Send damaged or failed hose, with repair tag attached, to Station 2 as follows:

a. Attack hose via messenger.
b. 5” supply hose via the requesting company.


What policy number is
Hose Testing and Repair


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