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Who maintains this document

The TFD Safety Officer


Who shall arrange for the security of fire stations and other TFD facilities affected by civil disturbance in order to prevent injury to personnel and damage to equipment and property.

Deputy chiefs


Civil Disturbance

A mob action such as arson, violence, rioting, rebellion, insurrection, looting, or other unlawful action by various organized or unorganized groups.


Tacoma Fire Department personnel, equipment, or apparatus shall not

be used to quell riots or other civil disturbances.


Operations within areas of known riot or other ongoing civil disturbance Initial response shall consist of

Battalion Chief and one Engine Company,
unless otherwise authorized by the Fire Chief.


Operations within areas of known riot or other ongoing civil disturbance Emergency lights may be employed, but

sirens or air horns shall not be used.


When lives are at risk or property is savable, the prime objectives of the Incident Commander should be rescue and extinguishment.

a. Emphasis should be placed on fast attack with heavy streams to rapidly control and extinguish the fire so that fire personnel can get out of the area.
b. Hydrants, hose lines, apparatus, tools, and equipment should be protected; employ law enforcement for this role, if necessary
c. Use of personnel on hand lines should be avoided.
d. Routine operations such as ventilation, overhaul, and salvage may be discontinued.
e. Fire investigations may be discontinued or suspended if the safety of personnel is at risk.


Apparatus Precautions All companies shall

a. Remove tools and all readily accessible equipment located on the exterior of the apparatus and place them in interior compartments.


What policy number is
Civil Disturbances/Riots


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