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The Captains Training Team concept of training and education delivery is
intended to

a. Maximize the potential for city, battalion or district specific training
b. Provide flexibility to address any emerging concerns and/or new technologies


Who shall be
responsible for:
-Providing all uniformed personnel with the quarterly required drills,
reading assignments and objectives
-Maintaining this document

The Assistant Chief of Training and Safety or his/her designee


Battalion Chiefs shall be responsible for:

-Meeting annually or as necessary with his/her company officers to monitor the training plan and develop recommendations for future drills
-Reviewing and signing off on the FIR 844 in a timely manner


The Training Captain shall be responsible for:

1. Coordinating the scheduling of Captain Training Teams
2. Maintaining an up-to-date listing of all scheduled Captains Training Teams
school and drills on the monthly training calendar


Captains Training Team.

Individual drill groups of four to five companies, usually located in adjacent districts, led by a Company Captain.


Elective School or Drill.

Training exercise selected each year by the Company Captain or Battalion Chief that is typically on a larger scale and may involve
agencies outside TFD for the purposes of incorporating a mutual aid component.


Required Drill.

Drills assigned to the Company Captains by the Training Division each year (four drills, one per quarter) for completion during the
assigned quarter.


Training Tracker:

An electronic database that resides in PTS and is used to record all TFD schools and drills.


Captains Training Teams are required to conduct a minimum of

eight drills per year, four required and four elective.


Company Captains may delegate one required drill per semi-annual period
(two quarters) to be conducted by

an officer on the Captains Training
a. Captains shall not delegate responsibility for ensuring the drill meets the objectives set forth by the Training Division
b. Captains shall not delegate responsibility for ensuring the scheduled drills are completed in a timely manner


With guidance from the Assistant Chief of Training and Safety, the Training Captain shall

assist with scheduling the four required drills for each year.
a. Subjects and dates for completion of training will be communicated via Special Order by January 10 of each year


During the school or drill, Company Captains shall

a. Try to keep one company available on a three-minute delay to cover call demand in the service area


FIR 844 (Post Training Synopsis) is used to

document the training event


Copies of all completed FIR 844 forms are maintained in the Company files for

two years


The Company Officer or In-Charge personnel responsible for conducting
the drill shall

a. Input the school and drill participation information for each team member into the TFD Training Tracker program prior to going off-shift
b. Complete FIR 844
c. Route the completed form to the Training Captain no later than 15 days after the end of each quarter (January 15, April 15, July 15,
October 15)


What policy number is
Captains Training Teams


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