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What policy number is Hearing Loss Prevention




Decibel, A weighting; a measure of noise level expressed as decibels
measured on the "A" scale.


85 dBA TWA8

An average exposure of 85 decibels over an eight hour period as measured by noise dosimetry


TFD personnel shall use hearing protection when

a. Exposed to 85 dBA TWA8or greater
b. Exposed to noise in excess of 115 dBA from power tools, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, engine warm ups, pumping, drafting or other
such activities
c. Training, drilling and/or investigating alarms and emergency
incidents that involve, but are not limited to, the following--
i. Use of chain saws, circular saws and/or rescue tools
ii. Exposure to accidental, malicious or malfunctioning alarm systems
iii. Use of aerial equipment
iv. Pump testing
v. EMS scenes in high noise level areas


The audiometric testing provided for TFD employees shall be performed
annually by:

a. A licensed or certified audiologist, otolaryngologist or other qualified physician OR
b. A technician certified by the council of accreditation in occupational hearing loss prevention


How many hours before a
Hearing test shall TFD's personnel avoid loud noise

14 hours


Who is responsible for:
1. Administering the TFD Hearing Loss Prevention Program
2. Ensuring TFD personnel receive hearing tests and training in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this document
3. Issuing an annual schedule for hearing testing and training
4. Maintaining this document

The Administrative Battalion Chief for Safety

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