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House Un american Activities Committee
Congressional committee that investigated communist influence in the movie industry



False accusation attacks by senator Joseph McCarthy on suspected communists w/o evidence



List of people that were thought to have communist connections
Many had their careers ruined bc they could no longer work


Similarities & differences between his case & rosenburgs

Hiss- accused of being a spy for the SU by Whittaker chambers, had documents to show some proof, hiss was a gov official so even though he was guilty-he went to jail
Rosenburgs-accused, pleaded the 5th not to incriminate themselves, Julius was at fault, Ethel was not, both electrically executed


Joseph McCarthy.
Rise & fall

Rise- fears surrounding Cold War & Korean War specifically provided platform for McCarthys anti communist views, needed an issue to be reelected in 1952.
Fall- accused US army of communism


Events that made Americans fear the Russians and communism

Atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, Sputnik, China becoming communist, Korean War, spy cases


Which events created the fear that gave rise to McCarthyism?

HUAC-> Hollywood 10
Blacklists(false accusations)
Alger hiss
Rosenberg execution
Communists taking over the government (China-> communist)


Eisenhower doctrine

US would defend Middle East against an attack by any communist country


Hydrogen bomb
How did this represent the arms race and who developed it first ?

US vs SU to see which country would be the first to develop the hydrogen bomb knowing that the atomic bomb was already a competition where only the US had it
US developed h bomb first


What was the u-2 incident and how did it impact a scheduled conference between Eisenhower and Khrushchev ?

Planes used to fly at high altitudes without detection to spy on the SU
because SU rejected eisenhowers open skies proposal before, it impacted the conference because Khrushchev found out about u-2 planes. He wanted flights halted and apology, Eisenhower would not apologize but did stop the flights
Khrushchev called off summit and withdrew eisenhowers invitation to SU.