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What did nixon want to do with the government ?
what political view is this ?

he wanted to decrease the government, the power and size of the federal government.
this view is conservative


How did he decrease the government?

by developing his plan called New Federalism


what did new federalism do?

give state and local government more responsibility


How did nixon give the state and local gov more responsibility using new federalism?

he used revenue sharing which allowed local and state gov to spend federal money as they saw fit
(gave the state and local gov more power to do what they want)


What was FAP?

Family Assistance Plan, Welfare-reform proposal, approved by the House but defeated in the senate, that would have guaranteed an income to welfare recipients who agreed to undergo job training and to accept work


What political view did the FAP have?

liberal because liberals believe that the gov should help create jobs during hard times and believe that welfare should help aid the poor


What was the point of FAP?

welfare reform


was FAP successful?

no, it was never ratified


What did nixon end that was established by LBJ?

he ended many great society programs and expanded others
the ones he expanded came back to bite him


What did nixon do to congress?

he had to deal with a democrat controlled congress so he had to put more conservative people on the court. when 4 justices left through retirement he replaced them with conservatives. he did this so the 4 conservative justices could tilt the court in a more conservative direction


nixon was being conservative when he did what to take control of necessary funds for programs he didnt agree with, thus holding up their implementation

impounding. which the fed. courts ruled that it was unconstitutional and only congress had authority to decide how federal funds should be spent


What did nixon do dealing with the vietnam war?

he de-escalated US involvement in Vietnam bc he was elected on a dual promise to end the war in vietnam and mend the divisiveness with America that the war created


What did Nixon do that was sneaky for antiwar and civil rights activists (people who objected govs policies)?

he used the FBI and CIA to spy on the dissident groups
SDS (students for democratic society), Black Panthers,etc
He made an Enemy list


How would you describe nixon?

sneaky and suspicious


What happened in the 1968 election?

nixon barely won against Humphrey (democratic party), and nixon didnt want anything to be that close again


What was southern strategy ?

nixons attempt to attract the support of southern conservative Demcrats who were unhappy with federal desegregation policies and the liberal supreme court


Stagflation ?

economic condition where there is high unemployment and high inflation



organization of petroleum exporting countries- economic association of oil producing nations that is able to set prices


what happened with OPEC?

A war broke out and the Arab OPEC nations responded by cutting off all oil sales to the US and when OPEC resumed selling, the price quadrupled which worsened inflation



foreign policy advocated by Henry Kissinger in the nixon administration based on consideration of a nations power rather than its ideals or moral principles
means political realism



flexible policy advisor kissinger and nixon agreed on to deal with communist nations, involving a willingness to negotiate and an easing of tensions



five year agreement btwn US and Soviet Union, signed in 1972 that limited the nations' number of intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine launched missiles