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What were the 3 different cultures that came to the American colonies ?

European, west African, Native American


Why did the Europeans want to come to the America's

They were looking for a new life.
(New land, religious reasons, & gold !)


Why did the west Africans want to come to the Americas?

They were enslaved, so they were brought against their will


Why did the natives come to the America's

They were already in the American colonies


How were the native Americans and everyone diverse ?

Bc of the geography & climate of the land, it contributed to the difference in culture


What 2 major changes did the Europeans go through ?

Renaissance & Reformation


What was the renaissance ?

Means "rebirth" of new culture.
It renewed interest in classical culture which led to changes in art, learning, and views of the world


Where did the ideas of the renaissance come from? What 2 cultures ?



Why did the ideas from Romans & Greeks disappear for a period of time?

Bc the church became corrupt. It was called the DARK AGES because people were in the dark/ dumb --> didn't learn to read, write, bad hygiene, disease) etc.


Bc reading, writing, hygiene, etc
Wasn't in the bible they felt it was____



What was the reformation ?

Religious movement growing out
Of desire for reform in the Roman Catholic Church & leading to the establishment of various Protestant churches


What was the Colombian exchange (triangular trade) & what continents did it involve ?

Transfer of plants, animals, and disease between the Western Hemisphere and eastern hemisphere .
Between Europe, Africa, & the America's


Who were the conquistadors ?

Spanish conquerers that came to the new world hoping to acquire GOLD&SILVER. They also neath native Americans


What was the difference between the south and north colonies ?

North- had a big role of variety in industry, lumber, fur, shipbuilding,livestock, etc
South- tobacco, cotton. They specialized in cash crops, not much variety


The tension between the south and north would later lead to what war ?

The civil war


What was the enlightenment?

(It was like the renaissance), but in the colonies
Intellectual movement that emphasized the use of reason and the scientific method as means of obtaining knowledge


Who was a good enlightenment leader ?

Ben Franklin bc of his inventions and ideas


What was the Great Awakening? Give an example

(Like the reformation), but in the colonies revival(reawakened interest in religion) of religious feeling in the American colonies
Example: George Whitfield believed he had energy from god