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What was the Zinoviev letter, why was it released and what were the consequences?

Letter from Zinoviev to British communist party telling the to engage in seditious activities against labour govt, MacDonald released it to newspaper days before election in hope it would show arent communist, Daily Mail twisted story and it backfired


Who was in the cabinet?

Macdonald foreign minister, Henderson home secretary, Snowden chancellor


What was the Wheatley housing act?

Increased subsidies to be paid to local authorities to build housing for rent for low paid workers, subsidy paid from over 20 years to 40 years, around 508k houses built under act


Why could the administration make socialist legislation?

Fear of communist government - as soviet russia recently established, it was a minority govt - propped up by the liberals in the commons


What did labour do in social reform?

Old age pensions and unemployment benefits raised, state scholarships to uni revived


Who lead voting power within the labour party?

The trade unionists


What was the treaty with Russia involve?

British loan of £30 million, British exports to Russia would receive most favoured nation status, compensation for British assets seized in Bolshevik take over, conservatives and liberals felt it went too far


What did MacDonald halt the building of?

The Singapore naval base


What did Baldwin accredit as Macdonald's one success during his premiership?

The London conference


What did MacDonald concoct alongside French prime minister Herriot?

The Geneva protocol - To decide an aggressor in international disputes, called for 1925 disarmament conference


How did unemployment change under the labour government?

From 1.32 million to 1.29 million (11.9% to 10.9%)