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Who couldn't vote?

Women and many working class people


Who were the emerging global powers?

Germany, U.S.A, Belgium, France


When was the tariff reform league created?



How had Britains share of world trade changed?

It had been decreasing since 1880 (The end of Disraeli's Govt)


How were the SDF and the Socialist Leagu different from The Fabians?

Revolution was the only way to bring socialism to Britain, Fabians wanted to do it via parliamentary system


How did labour describe themselves?

Socialistic rather than socialist - didnt want to sound too radical


What happened to the labour party after the taff vale judgement?

127 unions joined, membership went from 353K to 847K


What was the main problem in regard to the Boer war?

Chinese slave labour


What did the 1902 education act do?

C of E highly involved, increased school leaving age


How did the 1902 education act impact the Tories?

Non conformists disagreed


What did R.K. Webb say about the 1903 Irish Land Act?

The intent was to "kill home rule by kindness"


What did the 1904 Licensing act do?

Meant the licensing magistrate didn't have to renew a pubs' licence if they felt the business wasn't necessary, tax increase to compensate for losing pub, only 10% went to the licencee


What did Disraeli suggest about the Tory majority in the Lords?

Could veto in certain limited circumstances


What did Seebohm Rowntree find in his 1903, "Poverty: A Study of Town Life"?

25 to 30% of a town's population live in poverty


How many of the Manchester volunteers for the Boer war were turned away?

1,000 of 9,000


What did Seebohm Rowntree list as the 3 biggest causes of poverty in York in 'Poverty: A Study Of Town Life' in 1901?

22.16% = large family (more than 4 kids), 55.96% = low paid work, 15.63% death of chief wage earner


Why did tariff reform cause divide within the Tories in the 1906 general election?

Arthur Balfour focused on party unity - wanted to keep together Chamberlain's Protectionists and free traders, constant fence sitting - some free traders defected to liberals, Chamberlain had resigned from govt to campaign for tariff reform, free traders from cabinet resigned 1903 also


How did trade union memberships change after taff vale?

They went up 494K


How had Balfour failed to tackle unemployment?

Walter Long (President of the local government board in london)set up committees to give casual employment to temporarily unemployed, to refer permanently unemployed to workhouse. Financed by charity as long opposed to treasury aid, of 46k applicants 26k found eligible, 5k obtained permanent work from scheme, there were 'hunger marches' and demonstrations from the unemployed


What did the 1905 unemployment workmen bill do?

Made possible for 1904 schemes to be extended to most authorities, given powers to add to the voluntary resources available for unemployment relief by the product of a local rate of not more than a penny in the pound