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Purpose of FMEA p.475

-Identifying and anticipating potential failures
-Identifying potential causes for the failures
-Prioritizing failures
-Taking action to reduce, mitigate, or eliminate failures


Types of FMEA P.476

-System FMEA
-Design FMEA
-Process FMEA
-Service FMEA


Design FMEA P.476

Minimizing costs and failure effects on the design while maximizing the design reliability and maintainability.


Process FMEA P476

Minimizing process failures and cost while maximizing process performance and productivity.


Elements of FMEA P.477

All FMEA are similar, with the exception of the first column.

1. System & Design
-System, Subsystem, Product, Assembly, Subassembly, or part.

1. Process & Service
-Process Steps

2. Potential failure mode
3. Potential failure effect
4. (S)everity
5. Potnetial causes
6. (O)ccurrence
7. Current controls
8 (D)etection
9. Risk priority number (RPN = S x O x D)
11. Responsible
12.Action taken
13.SEV, OCC, DET, PRN (after)


Useful Tips for FMEA P.481

1. Establish team norms
2. Keep work sessions to a reasonable length of time.
3. Establish an FMEA owner
4. Use subject matter experts
5. Use a professional facilitator
6. Create meaningful scales
7. Establish a trigger
8. Limit the ability to review past decisions for current steps
9. Remember that all decisions reflect the current step.
10. Write modes, effects, controls, and causes in clear and meaningful ways
11. Complete each step in a given work session to the extent possible
12. Minimize the duration between work sessions.
13. Identify root causes
14. Score appropriately
15. Support FMEA with additional quality tools.