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(Type III Hypersensitivity)

1. IgG antibodies attack what? resulting in what?

2. Why is the immune complex a problem?


1. foreign antibodies in a soluble form; immune complexes and extensive inflammation

2. deposit in various locations in the body; then activate neutrophils and macrophage which release alot of proinflammatory factors


look at this slide


1--4. What are 4 things that can cause Type III Hypersensitivity?

1. serum sickness

2. drug induced

3. infectious disease

4. arthus reaction (this is actually a test)


(Things that can Cause Type III hypersensitivty)

(serum sickness)

1. administrations of what? typically serum from what?

2. Will it get worse the second time? why?

1. anti-venoms; serum from horses immunized with a particular venom

*basically sickness caused by the fact that there are a bunch of proteins injected with the anti-venom from another animal

2. yep; they have developed antibodies against anti-venom proteins


(Things that can cause Type IIi)

(Drug INduced)

1. antibody response to what?

1. certain antibiotics (penicillin)

*here you are getting antibody formation to antibiotic itself (form immune complexes)


(Things that can cause Type IIi)

Infectious Disease/Vaccination

to sever - a lot of bacteria - alot of antibodies produced - bind to bacteria and debris (forms immune complexes)

same basic thing with vaccination - formation of antibodies


(Type IIi)

(Clinical Manifestations)

1. Occur quickley? as fast as type 1?

1. yes (within 1 to 2 hours); no


Arthus reaction

just look at picture