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(Cancer and the Immune System)

(Evidence of the immune system controlling cancer)

Three things support this

1. spontaneous remission of what?

2. Increase incidence of cancer in what?

3. Presence of what within tumor?

1. terminal caner

2. immunosuppressed

3. tumor specific Tc cells


1. The presence of lymphocytes in certain tumors has been what?

2. What three types of tumors especially?

1. prognostic (Predicting the likely outcome of a disease) - usually a good one

2. thymoma, mammary gland tumors, splenic fibrous histiocytic nodules



Cooley inject heat treated S. pyogenes and serratia marcenscens into patients with some success of cancer treatment (got immune system involved)


1-3. What are the three strategies of immunotherapy for cancer?

1. Nonspecific immunotherapy

2. passive stimulation

3. active immune stimulation


(Non-specific immunity)


1. Engage what arms of the immune system to do what?

2. mainly what kinds of cells?

1. engage innate and adaptive arms; to recognize and attack neoplastic cells

2. APCs (dendritic cells/macrophages)


(Nonspecific Tumor Immunotherapy)

(BCG-Bacillus Calmette-Guerin)

1. developed from what as a vaccine?

2. What is the mechanism of action?

3. direct contact with what?

4. elicits production of what?

5. stimulating what?

6. what kind of cytotoxicity?

7. Whats another name for connective tissue cancer?

1. M. bovis

2. unknown

3. tumor cells

4. cytokines

5. neuts, macs, and T lymphs

6. cell mediated

7. sarcoids


(Nonspecific Tumor Immunotherapy)


1. In humans is it more effective than chemotherapy for bladder cancer?

2. helpful for bladder cancer in dog? why?

3. speed regression of TVT (?

1. yes

2. no - has more time to develop

3. yes


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