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What were the intentions of the Animal welfare law?

  • Acceptable ethical for the public opinion
  • Purpose of the study weights hihger than suffering
  • number of animals kept to a minimum
  • alternatives when practicably available
  • prevent unnecessary pain or distress
  • educated people working with animals


What is the new directive in Sweden?

L150, includes law, ordinance and regulations and recommendatins


What is the aim of the new EU directive from 2010?

Aims at harmonizing national provisions covering the welfare of laboratory animals


What are the duties of the Swedish board of Agriculture when it comes to laboratory animals?

  • provisions on breeding, housing and use of experimental animals
  • issues permssions for
    • genearl for an institution to perform animal studies
    • breeding
    • working with genetically modified animals
    • import and export of animals and tissues
  • approve facilites
  • appoint members in ethics committees
  • statistics on the use of experimental animals


Important paragraphs of the animal welfare act

  • 1§ The law applies to domestic animals, experimental animals and animals kept in captivity. Definition of animal experiment
  • 2§ Animals should be well-treated and protected from unnecessary suffering and illnesses
  • 19§ Conditions that must be fulfilled to allow animal experiments (3R-principle, purpose bred animals). Permission to use, breed or hous experimental animals


What is absolutely necessary in order to perfom animal experiments at an institution?

  • permit holder (1 for UU)
  • approved supervisor
  • responsible veterinarian (or expert)
  • sufficient and educated personnel
  • animal-welfare body


The responsibilities of the licence/permit holder

  • competence of personnel
  • documentation of competence
  • veterinarian(s) and supervisor(s) have all the power they need


Responsibilites of the approved supervisor

  • animal experiments and animal welfare
  • administrative responsibility for
    • husbandry
    • equipment
    • ID-marking
    • record keeping
    • supervison
    • statistics
  • purpose breeding
  • planning & designing of experiments
  • correctness of ethical applications


Responsibilities of the veterinarian

  • animal welfare
  • advice
  • supervision in experiments with severe pain
  • planning and guidelines of/for
    • disease prevention and health monitoring
    • anaesthesia etc
    • environmetal enrichment
    • hygiene
    • assessment of animal welfare


Responsibilities of the project leader

  • see that all experiments are performed according to ethical permission
  • consult veterinarian
  • personnel must have access to ethical application
  • written instruction for humane and experimental endpoints
  • how animal's suffering shall be assessed
  • how animals are supervised during experiment
  • prevent and stopp unnecessary suffering