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Name the three types of fibres in the cortex

projection fibres, association fibres and commisural fibres


which fibres are in the :
1. corpus callosum
2. corona radiata

1. commisural fibres
2. projection fibres


path of the corticobulbar tract

UMN projection fibres from cortex through genu ( geniculate fibres) in internal capsule to the cranial nerves


path of corticospinal tract

UMN projection fibres from cortex through posterior limb of the internal capsule. two tracts
ventral - supplies the trunk, synapse to LMN in the spinal cord
lateral - decussates in the spinal cord and supplies the limbs, synapses to LMN


Where are UMN cell bodies

layer 5 of the primary motor cortex (internal pyramid layer)


symptoms of UMN syndrome

weakness, stiffness of CONTlateral muscle
exaggerated reflex - babinski, spasticity , clonus


1. primary lateral sclerosis
2. pseudobulbar palsy
3. cerebal palsy
4. multiple sclerosis

ALL UMN diseases
1. CS tract degen - rare, late onset
2. CB tract degen - problems with speaking, chewing, swallowing
3. damage to UMNs in developing brain. not progressive - problems with coordination/ spasticity
4. inflammation destroying myelin. - stiffness, spasticity, coordination speech


1. progressive muscle atrophy
2. progressive bulbar palsy
3. spinal muscular atrophy

ALL LMN diseases
1. degen LMN - rare, early onset, 5 yr survival rate
2. degen specific LMN, - cranial nn
3. genetic, effects LMN


1. charcot-marie-tooth-disease
2. guilan-bar-syndrome

1. inherited neuropathic disorder, progressive
2. immune attack peripheral nn , in responce to infection 80% likelihood of recovery