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what is a polysomogram

measures sleep


What waves are when youre in your deepest sleep and what do they look like

delta - synchronised


In REM what is your body doing

rapid eye movement, increased HR variable breathing vivid dreams


explain the
A) evolunionary theory of sleep
B) the restortitive theroy of sleep

A) all animals do it we must need to - inherited from ancestors
B) restores the brain, (shown by delta activity) (sleep dep disruputs cognitive functions)


effect of sleep on the immune system?

those without sleep had decreased NK cells and T cells


what can sleep deprivation lead to

-increased sleep propensity
-Decreased glucose metabolism in frontal lobe
-mood changes
-higher cog function disrupted
-increase risky behaviours


Name some non pharmalogical treatments of insomnia

-progressive relaxation
-cognitive therapies (helps prevent maladaptive thoughts)


Describe the waves of different types of sleep

awake - alpha
1 theta - dont know youve been asleep
2 theta and k complexes and sleep spindles
3 deltha low freq
4 delta synchronised
REM = theta


What voltage are slow waves

high voltage