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Name 4 reasons people might not be able to recognise an object

sensory deficit (eye problem)
knowledge deficit (alzheimers)
language deficit (aphasia)
unable to percieve AGNOSIA


What is visual agnosia

able to draw from memory, define something, identify by touch BUT cant recognise object


what is optic ataxia

patients have trouble reaching for an object, adjusting their grasp


visual agnosia and optic ataxia arise from problems where..

VA = vent stream to inf temporal lobe
OA = dorsal stream projecting to parietal lobe


Describe apperceptive agnosia

DF cant put edges of the object together / work out whats background or shadows. cant fill in fragments of pictures or cant see pics if they overlap

edge grouping, feature binding, view normalisation


describe associative agnosia

GS can see the whole form of the shape but cant recognise the object - can copy objects down etc but cant name them

failure to access semantic representation


Which one has unconscious awareness of action and what is it?

GS given a picture of a lock, he cant name it but subconsciously twirls his fingers in the motion of unlocking a lock


associative and apperceptive which is which patient

GS - associative
DF - apperceptive