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In what type of climate does Gewurztraminer grow best?

Cool to moderate climate


What region in the world is most famous for its Gewurztraminer?

Alsace, France

Both Alsace AOP and Alsace Grand Cru AOP make quality Gewurztraminer.


Describe the typical profile of Gewurztraminer.

  • Full body
  • Low to medium acidity
  • High alcohol
  • Intense floral notes, especially rose
  • Stone fruits (peach and apricot)
  • Tropical fruits (lychee)
  • No oak (to retain floral aromas)


What is the sweetness range for Gewurztraminer?

Dry to sweet

Gewurztraminer is always intensely aromatic.


Why is Gewurztraminer usually higher in alcohol?

Gewurtraminer acquires very high levels of sugar as it ripens.

Generally, the more sugar there is for yeasts to eat, the more alcohol there will be in the final wine.


What 2 white grape varietals are known to be both full-bodied and floral?

  1. Gewurztraminer
  2. Viognier


What climate does Viognier prefer?



Which AOC in France is known for its high-quality Viognier?

Condrieu AOC in the Northern Rhône


In Condrieu AOC, is Viognier bottled as a single varietal or is it blended?

Always single varietal in Condrieu AOC


Is Viognier ever used as a blending grape in areas outside of Condrieu AOC?

Yes, because Viognier adds floral aromas, body, and peachy notes to more neutral grapes/wines.


Describe the typical profile of Viognier.

  • Dry
  • Full body
  • Low to medium acidity
  • Medium to high alcohol
  • Peach/peach yogurt
  • Floral/blossom aromas
  • Can be oaked or not oaked


What climate does Albariño prefer to grow in?

Cool to moderate


Describe the typical profile of Albariño.

  • Dry
  • Medium body
  • High acidity
  • Citrus (lemon, grapefruit)
  • Stone fruit (peach)
  • No oak

Some professionals say Albariño smells like Viognier on the nose but acts like dry Riesling on the palate!


Why would Albariño benefit from lees contact?

Lees add a creamy texture to the wine, adding body and balancing Albariño's naturally high acidity.


What is the appellation in Spain that is known for its Albariño?

Rías Baixas DO (pronounced REE-ahs BY-shas)


Why does Albariño perform so well in Rías Baixas DO?

Rías Baixas DO is close to or on the Altantic Ocean, giving the region cool breezes, plentiful rain and clouds.