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The majority of Gamay comes from this region (it's also the most important region in the world for Gamay)?

Beaujolais, France


What is the climate of Beaujolais?



Describe the typical profile of Gamay.

  • Dry
  • High acidity
  • Low to medium tannins
  • Lots of bright red fruits
  • No new oak


Where is Beaujolais in relation to Burgundy?

Immediately south


Winemakers can use a specific winemaking technique to craft a particular style of Beaujolais.

What are the effects of these techniques on the wine?

  • Lighter body
  • Low tannins
  • Perfumed and aromatic (gum drop, banana)
  • Super fresh style

You don't need to know this for the exam, but the winemaking technique is called Carbonic Maceration.


What style of wine would one expect from a wine labeled Beaujolais AOC?

Simple, light bodied, somewhat fruity - generally an acceptable wine.


For a Beaujolais AOC wine, the grapes can come from:

Anywhere within the Beaujolais region, but mostly from the flat land in the southern portion of the region.


How many villages within the Beaujolais Villages area are Crus?


Know Fleurie and Morgon


What style of wine would one expect from one of the Crus of Beaujolais?

A more structured, more concentrated wine that exhibits just-ripe red fruits and medium tannins.

The Crus of Beaujolais generally do not use Carbonic Maceration.


What is the hierarchy of Beaujolais appellations?

From lowest to highest:

  • Beaujolais AOC
  • Beaujolais Villages AOC
  • Beaujolais Crus (e.g. Fleurie AOC or Morgon AOC)


Why are wines from Beauojolais often served slightly chilled?

To showcase their freshness, red fruit flavors, and bright acidity.