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Tempranillo is which country's most important black grape varietal?



Name the 2 most important appellations in Spain for quality Tempranillo.

  1. Rioja DOCa
  2. Ribera del Duero DO


What is the climate of Rioja DOCa?



What is the expansive appellation in northeastern Spain that is known for making high-volume Tempranillo?

Catalunya DO


Describe the general profile of Tempranillo.

  • Dry
  • Medium body
  • Medium tannin
  • Medium acidity
  • Red fruit (red cherry)
  • Black fruit (black plum)


Much like Garnacha, Tempranillo can be quite versatile.

Describe the range of styles in which Tempranillo can be made.

  • Simple, fruit-forward, juicy, affordable wines with no oak influence;
  • Complex, powerful, expensive wines with years of oak influence;
  • Everything in between.


When Tempranillo is grown and made to be aged long term, is it usually bottled as a single varietal or blened with other grapes?

Blended with other grapes

Some grapes will add bright, spicy red fruits (like Garnacha), and others will add acidity and tannin to help bolster long-term aging.


What is the traditional vessel for aging Tempranillo or Tempranillo-based wines?

Small, new oak barrels (usually American).


What flavor characteristics does oak impart on Tempranillo?

  • Coconut
  • Vanilla
  • Mocha
  • Smoke
  • Spice


Are the Tempranillos in Rioja DOCa usually bottled as single varietals or blends?


In Rioja DOCa, Tempranillo is most often blended with Garnacha.


What do the terms Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva refer to on a bottle of Rioja?

How long the wine was aged before it is released to the market.


Which term refers to the longest aging period:

  • Crianza
  • Reserva 
  • Gran Reserva

Gran Reserva

Gran Reserva wines usually have the most noticeable secondary and tertiary aromas and flavors from extended aging both in barrel and in bottle.


Which term refers to the shortest aging period:

  • Crianza
  • Reserva 
  • Gran Reserva


Crianza retains its primary fruit aromas and flavors because it spends the least amount of time in oak.


Ribera del Duero is generally warmer and more mountainous than Rioja.

How does Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero differ from Tempranillo from Rioja?

Ribera del Duero

  • Fuller bodied
  • Higher in alcohol
  • Higher in tannin
  • Blacker fruit profile


  • Medium bodied
  • Medium alcohol
  • Medium tannin
  • Red/black fruit profile


What is the term for very youngest style of aged wine in Spain?



Describe a Joven red wine from Spain.

  • Young
  • Fresh
  • Fruity

Joven almost never sees new oak and will be even more simple than Crianza.


Describe a Reserva red wine from Spain.

  • Dry
  • Softened tannins
  • Developing secondary + tertiary aromas and flavors
    • caramel, earth, mushrooms
    • both fresh + dried or cooked fruit


Grapes of what level of quality are used for Reserva or Gran Reserva wines in Spain?

Only top tier quality

Mediocre or low-quality fruit would fall apart and produce unpleasant, stale wines if subjected to the rigorous, several-year aging process required for Gran Reserva.