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What climate does Grenache/Garnacha prefer?



In which country did Grenache originate? 

Spain, where it is known as Garnacha.


Describe the general profile of Grenache/Garnacha.

  • Dry
  • Low acidity
  • Low to medium tannin
  • Medium to high alcohol
  • Medium to full body
  • Very red fruited (wild plum, red cherry)
  • Occasionally spicy (white pepper, liquorice)


Is Grenache thin skinned or thick skinned?

Thin skinned

Grenache produces wines of just-medium color intensity, which makes it a good grape for rosé.


What method of rosé production is usually deployed for Grenache/Garnacha?

Short maceration


Why are other grapes blended with Grenache/Garnacha, such as Syrah (in France) and Tempranillo (in Spain)?

Syrah and Tempranillo add depth of color, tannin and acidity to Grenache's light color, low acidity and low-ish tannins.


A simple Grenache crafted for early consumption will usually be fermented and aged for a short time in ___ vessels.

A more complex, sturdy, and high-quality Grenache will usually be fermented and/or aged in ___ vessels.

Simple/early consumption: inert vessels

Complex/high quality: oak vessels (new, used, or a combination of both)


What flavors do Grenache or Grenache-based wines develop as they age?

  • Meat
  • Earth/mushrooms
  • Dried red fruits


What region in France is most important for Grenache?

The Rhône Valley, specifically the Southern Rhône.


What is the climate of the Southern Rhône?


It can often get downright hot in the Southern Rhône.


What are some contributing factors to Southern Rhône's warmth?

  • It's flat (flatter than Northern Rhône)
  • It's further south in latitude


Is Grenache the only black grape allowed in the Southern Rhône?


Grenache is one of many black grapes in the Southern Rhône.  It is typically blended with Syrah and other local grapes (e.g. Mourvèdre).


What is the most important appellation in the Southern Rhône for Grenache?

Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOC


Describe the typical flavor profile of a red wine from Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOC.

  • Dry
  • Full body
  • High alcohol
  • Medium acidity
  • Medium tannin
  • Ripe red and black fruits (because it's usually blended)
  • Herbal (thyme, rosemary)
  • Herbaceous (tomato leaf)


What is special about the vineyard soil in Châteauneuf-du-Pape AOC?

Vineyards are filled with large stones (called "pudding stones") which absorb heat during the day and then redistribute that heat to the vines at night.


Name 2 appellations in the Southern Rhône known for simple, approachable, and affordable Grenache-based blends.

Of the 2, which one is more likely to be a touch more complex and interesting?

  1. Côtes du Rhône AOC
  2. Côtes du Rhône Villages AOC


What is an important appellation in the South of France for Grenache-based red blends and rosés?

Minervois AOC

Grenache here is usually blended with Syrah.


Which appellation in Spain is known for making full-bodied, high alcohol, robust Grenache-based blends?

Priorat DOCa

Priorat is in Catalunya, in northeastern Spain.


What are the 2 north-central appellations in Spain known for fresh, red-fruited wines with Grenache as a component?

  1. Rioja DOCa
  2. Navarra DO


What style of wine is Navarra DO best known for?

Dry rosés


In Australia, Grenache is grown and made as a high-quality varietal in these 2 warm places:

  • Barossa Valley
  • McLaren Vale


What grapes are usually blended with Grenache in Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale?

  • Shiraz
  • Mourvèdre