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It is the Design and Architecture from 1910s to 1930s. It brought colours, geometric shapes, and Decorative Motifs.

Art Deco


This informal collective influenced the principles of Art Deco.

La Société des Artists Décorateurs


Members of La Société des Artists Décorateurs

1. Hector Guimard
2. Eugène Grasset
3. Raoul Lachenal
4. Paul Follot
5. Maurice Dufrene
6. Emile Decour


They organised the 1925 fair Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Moderne which helped dissiminate the Art Deco across Europe and U.S.

La Société des Artists Décorateurs


The following fields had been affected by the Art Deco Movement

1. Architecture
2. Interior Design
3. Visual Arts
4. Painting
5. Graphic Arts
6. Film


This book popularised the use of Art Deco around the world.

Art Deco of the 20s and 30s


Art Deco of the 20s and 30s was written by ___

Bevis Hillrer


Materials usually used in Art Deco

1. Aluminum
2. Stainless Steel
3. Lacquer
4. Inlaid Wood


Usual Design of Art Deco

The use of stepped forms and sweeping curves, chevron patterns & sunburst motif.


Characteristics of Art Deco

1. Based on Mathematical and Geometric Shapes
2. Eclectic form of elegant and Stylish Modernism
3. "Primitive" arts of Africa, Ancient Egypt and Aztec Mexico
4. Expressed in crystaline faceted forms of decorative Cubism and Futurism
5. Trapezoidal, Zigzagged, geometric and jumbled shapes


Architect of RCA Building and New York Daily News Building and his style is distinctive use of banding techniques and terra cotta.

Raymond Hood


Architect of Chrysler Building and his style is designing commercial structures that defied historical conventions

William Van Alen


Architect of The Cordozo Hotel, The Colony and The Park Central Hotel.

Henry Hohauser


He's the architect of popular hotels in the Miami Beach and his style is the striking use of circles and banding.

L. Murray Dixon


He's the architect of Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Building, Oakland Paramount Theatre etc. He was also the lead architect of 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition.

T.L. Pflueger


Influences of Art Deco

1. Influence of Art Deco in Memphis and the Pop Art Movement
2. Influence in Contemporary Design


Decline of Art Deco

1. Decline in the West after the mass production and the movement became defined as gaudy and presenting a false sense of luxury
2. WW2


Resurgence of Art Deco

Started in the 70s after the restrictive aesthetic of Modernism