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Architectural Character of Spanish Renaissance

1. the Renaissance advanced stages similar to those in other European countries
2. diversity in the manner of expression and in the rates of progression
3. Individualism was strongly marked


Begun with the fall of Granada, is notable for the grafting of Renaissance details on to the Gothic forms, and was influenced by the exuberant fancy Moorish art. There had been produced by this time the commonly known as the Plateresque.(Silverwork)

Early Period


Architect of The University, Alcala de Henares

Gil De Houtaron


Architect of The Travera Hospital

Bartolome de Bustamante


Marked by a closer adherence to Italian Renaissance art. Also, The influence of the sculptor Alonso Berruguete

Classical Period


Architect of The Escorial

Juan Bautista de Toledo


Characterized by a reaction from the correct and frigid formalism observed by Herrera and his followers.

Baroque Period


Definition of 17th century and 18th century baroque and it started from a family of architects led by Jose de Churriguera



Examples of Spanish Baroque

1. Cathedral Saragossa
2. The Royal Palace, La Granja


As in General in Central and Western Europe, architecture turned more and more ancient classical models at this time.

Antiquarian Period