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1. a sepulchral monument to a person buried elsewhere.
J. pyramid K. mastaba
L. sarcophagus M. cenotaph

M. cenotaph


pillared temple space in which the roof rests on columns; serving as template for Egyptian temple architecture
J cella K hypostyle hall L. ambulatory M. pylon

K hypostyle hall


also applied to the projecting stepped or moulded base of any building J. base K. abacus
L. dado M. pedestal

L. dado


the term applied to the triangular curved overhanging surface by means of which a circular dome is supported over a square or polygonal compartment
J. pendentive K. spandrel
L. drum M. vaultf

J. pendentive


an urban apartment housing in ancient Rome
J. insula K. villa
L. domus M. cubicula

J. insula


Correspond to Greek agora, originally an irregularly shaped open space serving as Roman general meeting place and setting for political discussions
J. basilica K. forum L. thermae M. circus

K. forum


a long uncovered narrow passage leading to the underground tholos

forum K. dromos
stoa M. ambulatory

K. dromos


the raised edges which separate the flutting of the Doric column
K. arris
L. annulet M. hypotrachelion

K. arris


the decorative ornament found on the abacus of the Corinthian order.
J. calyx K. fleuron L. volute M. fluting

K. fleuron


three to five horizontal fillets which stops the vertical lines of the arrises and flutes
J. entasis K. arris
annulet M. hypotrachelion



the stalks between the leaves of the Corinthian capital J. fleuron K. caulicoli
L. calyx M. volute

K. caulicoli


metope- space ornamented with relief sculptures found is found in J. pediment K. frieze
L. entablature M. cornice

K. frieze


the inspiration in doing the shape of the echinus of the Doric order J. acanthus K. egg
L sea urchin M. bead

L sea urchin


sunk panels, recesses formed in the ceiling or dome to reduce its weight
J. caisson K. clearstory L. coffer M. vault

L. coffer


upper part of an Order with frieze, cornice and architrave and supported by columns.
J. Pediment K. tympanum L entablature M. acroterion

L entablature


the domestic houses of the Aegean Period
J. megaron K. domus L insula M. villa

J. megaron


great block boulders to fine ashlars of heavy blocks stacked with no mortar. Clay served as bedding (Aegean period)
J. mud brick walling K. cyclopean walling L. rectangular walling M. ashlar walling

M. ashlar walling


a temple having a double range of columns on each side
J. peripteral K. prostyle
L. hexastyle M. dipteral

M. dipteral


porticos located at the front and back part of the Greek temple J. peripteral K. amphiprostyle
L. hexastyle M. dipteral

K. amphiprostyle


the term originally applied to painting on a wall while the plaster is wet J. relief K. fresco
L. mosaic M. terracotta

K. fresco


a portico of twelve columns J. decastyle K. dozecastyle
L. dodecastyle M. eneastyle

L. dodecastyle


the column use in the Temple of Parthenon
J.caryatid K. doric
L. atlantis M. corinthian

K. doric


an important gateway or vestibule, in front of a sacred enclosure.
J. Greek tholos K. Greek Propylaea L. Greek dromos M. Greek Megaron

K. Greek Propylaea


the characteristic hollow and roll moulding of an Egyptian as well as Persian cornice
J. gorge cornice K. egg and dart L. dart cornice M bead cornice

J. gorge cornice


the rain water harvesting system of the Romans where the rainwater is collected on the roof
J. aqueduct K. maxima cloaca
L. compluvium M. impluviuM

L. compluvium


the place where the rainwater is stored in Roman houses
J. aqueduct K. maxima cloaca
L. compluvium M. impluviuM

M. impluviuM


the drainage system used to drain water from Roman cities
J. aqueduct K. maxima cloaca
L. compluvium M. impluvium

K. maxima cloaca


sun shading device awning type installed in Roman amphitheater to protect spectators from the sun when watching
J. parasol K. canvass
L. velarium M. soliel

L. velarium


Roman houses courtyards and gardens are surrounded with columns known as
J. peristyle K. Octastyle
L. dipteral M. pseudo style

J. peristyle


private bath house of ancient Rome
J. balneum K. tepidarium L. thermae M. sudatorium

J. balneum