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The difference between the members core temperature and the environmental temperature is called?

Thermal Gradient

The greater the thermal gradient, the more rapid will be the subsequent heat transfer


Active cooling is?

The process of using external methods or devices to reduce the elevated core temperature (fans, misting)


Passive cooling is?

The process of using natural evaporative cooling to reduce the core temperature ( cool environment, sweating)


Rehab can take place with or without a formal function area of operation. During routine operations such as small non structural fires, companies can conduct rehab on their own. When shall a rehab group be established?

2nd alarms or greater


How long should a member NORMALLY rest for before being reassigned?

20 Minutes


The rad-57 pulse CO-oxymeter measures?

Oxyhemoglobin and Carbohemoglobin.

All members exposed to the products of combustion shall be tested


Members shall be considered patients if?

They are complaining of an illness or injury
Have symptoms of CO or hypoxia
15% Carbo....or less than 90% Oxy...


Maintaining hydration throughout the tour is the only way to ward off dehydration later. Pre-hydration begins the tour before the tour. Each unit carries a five gallon water jug. How often shall it be checked and refilled with fresh water?

AT each roll call.


RAC units are assigned to fires?

7-5 or greater or whenever special called by the IC


The normal level of CO in the blood is 0-14%. However, if symptoms occur regardless of levels OR if symptoms are NOT present with the level greater than?____% You should be treated with oxygen and transported to the hospital