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What is a behavioural contract?

A written agreement between one or two parties where both parties agree to a specified level of behaviours


Behavioural contracts are also called

Contingency contracts


What are the components of a contingency contract (3 answers)?

(1) State target behaviour (2) States contingencies associated with behaviour (3) Management plan


What does component 1 - a statement of the expected target behaviours - include (5 answers)?

What behaviour is expected (increase/decrease); who'll engage in behaviour; when and how often they must engage in behaviour; the quality of behaviour


What does component 2 - a statement of the contingencies associated with the behaviour - include (3 answers)?

What reinforcer/punisher will be administered; levels of reinforcement; when these rewards will be given


What does component 3 - a management plan - include (2 answers)?

Specification of who the contract manager will be; how data will be collected to monitor progress


The contract manager's job is to

compile the contract, ensure the behaviour is achieved and administer the contingent reinforcer or punisher


Define: one-party contract

Specifies the behaviour change of one person (plus a contract manager).


Define: two-party contract

Two people identify target behaviours to change and contingencies implemented for target behaviour


Two-party contracts are also called

quid pro quo contracts


Give a limitation of two-party contracts and how this problem can be avoided

When one person fails, both give up the contract. Use a parallel contract (a person's abiding by a contract results in separate reinforcer)


Contracting tips: use ____, _____ reinforcers

small; frequent


Contracting tips: what is meant by 'avoid the "crap out effect"'

If someone fails at the start of a contract they won't have motivation to continue. Programme against this by using things like cumulative requirements


Contracting tips: Post data in a ____ place

visible (to prompt future behaviour)


Contracting tips: Allow for ____ contract specifications

exceeding (bonus rewards for better behaviour)


Contracting tips: Once behaviour reliably occurs...

start fading the contract


Give three explanations for the effectiveness of behavioural contracts

Public commitments mean social prompts; rule-governed behaviour (occur w/o direct contact with contingencies); anxiety removal (neg reinf't)