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Does preference assessment tell us what reinforcer to use?

NO! A preference assessment doesn't tell us whether something functions as reinforcer, just that client prefers over other choices


The stimuli we use in interventions should have a high probability...

of functioning as a reinforcer


What are the three most basic approach to identifying potential reinforcers?

Asking the client; observing behaviour; conducting assessments


When asking, what should be used instead of open-ended questions?

Reinforcer surveys


Give a limitation to asking client their preferred reinforcer

May not be able to speak; may not be able to remember what they'd like; may lead to unreasonable demands


What previous results can we use to identify potential reinforcers?

FBA results


Give three types of structured preference assessments

1) Single presentation 2) Paired/forced choice 3) Multiple presentation preference assessment


Briefly outline the single presentation preference assessment procedure

Choose several potential reinforcers, display each item individually for limited time, note whether the person approaches the item, repeat process to gather enough data


If the client doesn't approach items during single presentation preference assessments you should...

prompt the person to sample the item


You should only use sampling...

on the first presentation of the item


If a selected item has no value as a reinforcer, you could...

replace the item with another item


Once items in a single presentation preference assessment have been presented several times you can calculate...

the percentage of times client approached and duration of each interaction


In single presentation preference assessment you should limit...

access to the item


Briefly outline the paired choice preference assessment procedure

Choose several items; display two items simultaneously for a limited time; record the item chosen; randomly present items until all have been presented with one another


What is another term for paired choice preference assessment?

Forced choice preference assessment


If a client attempts to access more than one item you should...

block their attempts


If during paired choice preference assessment no item is selected...

use sampling then present items again


Why is paired choice preference assessment better than single presentation preference assessment?

Paired choice less likely to overestimate reinforcing effects of stimuli


Briefly outline multiple presentation stimulus preference assessment procedure

Choose several items, present an array of items at once, record which items are chosen


What are the two types of multiple presentation stimulus preference assessment?

1) With replacement (MS)
2) Without replacement (MSWO)


Describe MS with replacement

Once an item has been selected it is put back into the selection


Describe MSWO

Once an item has been selected it is removed from the selection and therefore no longer available


Why is using MSWO usually better than using MS?

Multiple presentation stimulus preference produces a larger number of potential reinforcers


Which, of all preference assessments, does research suggest is the most efficient?

Multiple presentation stimulus preference without replacement (MSWO)


When might MS be better than MSWO?

When trying to identify one or two potent reinforcers


What should follow preference assessments? Why?

Reinforcer assessments. Because the preference doesn't tell us whether an item is reinforcing


Remember: some stimuli are only reinforcing...

under certain conditions