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What is the meaning begind the statement "migration is part of the human condition"?

It means migration has always beeb present in the lives of humans. Humans wandered out of Africa 50 000 years ago, and still wanders all over the world today, across national boarders


Who came up with the pull-push model, and when?

George Ernest Ravenstein in 1889


Who came up with the theory of assimilation?

Robert E. Park


What is assimilation?

Migrants lose their original traits and get absorbed into the receiving society


What is the difference between uprootes and transnational?

Uprooted: someone ripped away from their homeland, losing all ties and ends up in a receiving society

Transnational: someone who still has connection to their homeland and the new society


What are the reasons for transnationalism today?

1. Development of the digital world, distance between homeland and receiving society is drastically reduced
2. Racism from receiving countries leads to isolation from the new culture
3. Migraters loyalty and ties with both the host country and homeland as a result of nation-building


What 3 trends shows a new pattern of migration, according to Khalid Koser?

1. Proportion of women migrating has increased rapidly because of extension of right for family reunion, gender-selective jobs and maid trade
2. The blurring of traditional distinction between countries of origin, transit, destination
3. Temporary migration has become much more important (The scope of it)


What are transmigrants?

Immigrants whose daily life depend on multiple and constant interconnections across international boarders and whose public identities are configured in relationship to more than one nation-state


What is so paradoxical with the Age of Transnationalism?

It comes at the same time as heightening nationalism


Who wrote "International Migration" and what's it about?

Khalid Koser: it's a brief history of migration and what migration is about


Who wrote "From immigrant to transmigrant: theorizing transnational migration" and what's it about?

Nina Glick Schiller, Linda Basch and Cristina Szanton Blanc: it's about the theory of transmigration and understanding migration through transmigration