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What is the difference between slave and enslaved person?

Slave: a person who are denied their own freedom and is to follow a master

Enslaved: people who has been forced to slavery. This word is showing a more humane side as it could be you who is enslaved


When was the first settlement in North America settled and what was its name?

Jamestown, Virginia. 1607


What system started in the 1600s which resulted in a slave economy?

Plantation system


What did the Spanish do during the 1600s?

They began their conquest of the Americas (Latin America). The Spanish soldier, explores and other adventurers where called Conquistadors


Approximately how many slaves where transported from Africa across the Atlantic between 1450 to 1867?

Between 11 to 12 million


When did the amount of slaves exported from Africa increase from 40K to 110K?

From 1700 to 1780s


Which period was the height of exportation of slaves from Africa?

1750's to the 1850's


What was the usual percentage of mortality rate for slaves in the Atlantic?

About 10%


How was enslaved people seen by the whites?

As a commodity to be bought and sold


What was life like on-board a vessel for slaves in the Middle Passage?

Cramped and terrible. Lack of food and water. Shock, people where held naked. Families where separated


What happened with African kingdoms like Asante, Segu and Lunda?

They changed through the participation in the business - more hierarchy. Collaboration with western powers, sold slaves for example


What are the main regions of departure in Africa?

West Central Africa, Bight of Biafra, Bight of Benin, Gold Coast, Windward Coast, Sierra Leone, Senegambia and Southeast Africa


What kind of crops did the plantations grew?

Sugar, indigo, rice, tobacco, coffee, cocoa and cotton


What is Pan-Africanism?

The idea that people of African descent have common interests and should be unified across the globe


Was the slave trade racial to begin with?

No, but it was developed rather quickly to legitimize it


What is double consciousness?

Seeing yourself as yourself, but also seeing yourself through the eyes of racists


How did the Europeans control the slave?

By inhumane violence


What was Olaudah Equiano also named?

Gustavus Vassa


How foes Equiano describe the African slaveholders in comparison with the white slaveholders?

The African was in comparison nicer


Why did Equiano write the autobiography?

To influence the British MPs as he was an abolitionist


Who wrote "The African Diaspora" and what's it about?

Patrick Manning: it's about enslavement of Africans


Who wrote "Equiano" and what's it about?

Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vass: it's about his journey through Africa all the way 'til America