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What is the objective of blackjack?

to have a hand value closer to 21 than the dealer, without exceeding 21


How is blackjack dealt?

  • counterclockwise from the dealer
  • first card down, second card face up
  • Players are given the option of taking any number of cards at once, starting at the left of the dealer and ending with the dealer.


Who is the "house" in blackjack?

the dealer


What is the value of the numbered cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10) in blackjack?

face value (the number on the card)


What is the value of the face cards (jack, king, and queen) in blackjack?

each is worth 10


What values can aces have in blackjack?

either one or 11


What does it mean to "stand" in blackjack?

reaching a desirable hand value and choosing not to receive any further cards from the dealer


What does it mean to "hit" in blackjack?

choosing to receive another card from the dealer


What does "double down" mean in blackjack?

  • To double down means that you will double the initial bet and take exactly one more card
  • Usually only allowed after the first two cards are dealt
  • Only some casinos allow doubling after splitting
  • Some casinos only allow doubling down when the first two cards total 10 or 11


What does it mean to "split" in blackjack, and when is it allowed?

  • To split means to independently play two cards when two of the same card are dealt
  • Each card is then dealt another card
  • The bet is doubled (one for each "hand")


What is "insurance" in blackjack and how much is the maximum you can buy?

  • "Insurance" is a side bet that the dealer has blackjack
  • The maximum insurance bet is half of one's original wager


What does it mean to "surrender" in blackjack and how much of your original bet do you keep?

  • "Surrendering" is deciding not to play the hand you've been dealt
  • You may keep half your bet if you surrender
  • Not all casinos offer surrender as an option


What is the return on a regular winning hand in blackjack?

  • Each winner against the dealer usually doubles his initial bet (original wager plus 100%)
  • E.g., a win on a $500 wager returns the original wager plus $500 ($1,000)


What is the loss on a losing hand in blackjack?

  • The initial wager (leave with nothing)
  • E.g., a loss on a $500 wager returns nothing ($0)


What is tying the blackjack dealer's score called and what is the return?

  • It is called a "push"
  • The initial bet is returned
  • E.g., a push on a $500 wager returns $500


What is a "blackjack" and what is the return?

  • A "blackjack" is receiving a 10 or face card and an ace in the initial deal (for a value of 21)
  • Usually returns initial bet plus 1.5 times the initial bet
  • E.g., blackjack on a $500 wager returns the initial wager plus $750 ($1,250)
  • Some casinos offer a special return on the ace and jack of spades


What happens if the dealer has blackjack?

-The only exception is that if you also have blackjack. This results in a push.
  • You lose immediately, without the opportunity to play your hand
  • The only exception is that if you also have blackjack (results in a push)


What happens if both the dealer and a player have blackjack?

the player pushes


What does tapping the table mean in blackjack?

a hit (requesting another card)


What does waving one hand above your cards (parallel to the table) mean in blackjack?

stand (choosing not to receive any more cards)


What is "five card Charlie" in blackjack?

  • being dealt five cards with a value less then or equal to 21
  • "Five card Charlie" wins the hand
  • Not available at some casinos


What is "soft 17?"

  • when a player or the dealer has an ace and a six (or, an ace and cards adding up to six)
  • Some rules require the dealer (but not the player) to hit on soft 17, while other rules require the dealer to stand


When does a dealer have to hit in blackjack?

  • usually, when the dealer's cards add to 16 or below
  • Some casinos require the dealer to hit on "soft 17" as well


When must a dealer "stand" in blackjack?

when the value of the cards in his hand total 17 or greater but do not exceed 21 (though some casinos allow standing on "soft 17")


What does it mean to "bust" in blackjack?

to choose to take a card that brings the total value of one's hand to more than 21


What determines who wins a hand in blackjack?

The person with the highest value hand who has not "busted" (exceeded 21 points) wins the hand