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Name of book

the death of HEctor


as the Trojans run to the ground, what is HEctor doing

deadly destiny shackled HEctor outside Ilium at the Scaen gate


Achilles at the begging

still chasing Agenor, Apollo reveals himself to Achilles who answers angrily


As Achilles runs across the plain what is he compared to

compared to Orion's dog the brightest star that heralds no good


Priam to Hector

begs him to return
asks him to have pity on his father
Priam is worried about being eaten by his own dogs


HEcabe to Hector

pleads him because if not neither she nor her wife would ever lay him on a bier
asks him to remember what she has done for him (holds up her breasts)


Why HEctor refuses to retreat

beacause Polydamas would blame him for not takeing his advice. He does not want to be shamed. He would rather die gloriously.


Went Hector sees Achilles

In a panick starts to run round the city eith Achilles in "hot pursuit" THey circle Ilium three times


HEctor during the chase

keeps trying to make for the Dardanida gate, he now wishes to escape now that he knows death is close behind "demons of death"


Simile to describe Hector and Achilles

Achilles-hunting animals
Hector- docile ones
Dream, pursuer, purseud cannot move a limb


The gods against HEctor

Zeus holds up the scales, they sink down on Hector's side, spelling his doom
Apollo deserts him


Athene against HEctor

tells Achilles to stop running
disguised as Hector's brother Deiphobus tells HEctor they will stand against Achilles together


Hector speeks with Achilles

tells him that if he kills him he will only strip his body but then give the GReeks back his body


Achilles response to HEctor

Lions dont come to terms with men, the wolf doesn't see eye to eye with the lamb- they are enemies to the end and refuses to make a truce.


The battle

Achilles misses (Athene brings him back his spear)
Hectors spear rebounds of Achilles's shield
Hector draws his sword
Achilles sabs him in th windpipe


Hectors dying words

pleads Achilles to give up his body
Achilles refuses


The Greek treatment of Hector's corps

they repeatedly stab it
Achilles "foully maltreated godlike Hector"
slicing into his tendons at the back of both feet, inserted leather straps which he ties to his chariot


Priam upon HEctor's death

tries to go out of the Dardanian gate
the pople stop him
grovels in the dung


Andromache before HEctors death

had not yet heard the news
she had been weaving
had just got her waiting women to put a large cauldron on the fire for HEctors bath when he returned from the battle


Andromache when she knows HEctor is dead

When she hears lamentation she guesses Hector death
blames his overconfidence and courage
when she sees Hector being dragged of she faints and crashes backwards
She weeps for the miseries Astynax will endure without a father


end of the book

"and the women took up the cry"


sympathy created for Hector

Zeus regrets his death
all the gods oppose him


This book creates

raw emotion generated by war