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Hector and Andromache


the battle continues



The Greeks kill

fourteen trojans


Menelaus, Agamemnon and the captive

Menelaus captures Adrestus who supplicates him. Agamemnon shouts disapproval and kills Adrestus
saying the will kill the Trojans down to the babies in their mothers wombs
-Homer calls this sound advice


The Advice given to Hector and Aeneas

Helenus, Troy's best prophet tells Hector and Aeneas to regroup the troops in front of the gates.

Tells Hector to tell their mother to collect the older women at the temple of Athene and to gift her her most precious robe as well as to promise a sacrife


The honorable exchange

Glaucus and Diomedes meet to do battle
Diomedes refuses to fight him if he is descended of a god
Glaucus replies "the family of man is like the leaves of the trees" and tells Diomedes about his parentage
Diomedes mentions how his grandfather and Belephron were guest friends
-they exchange armour


Glaucus gets the worst of the deal

Zeus robbed Glaucus of his wits, his golden Armour (100 oxen worth) for Diomedes's bronze one (9 oxen worth)


When Hector reaches the Scaen gate

he is approached by WIVES AND DAUGHTERS asking about their sons, brothers, husbands, friends
-Hector tells them to pray to Zeus


what does Hector refuse from Hecabe

he refuses Hecabe's offer of wine


What Hector tells Hecabe

to go with offerings to Athene's temple with the biggest, most precious robe
to pray to have pity on the town


What does Hecabe pray for

Diomedes death


Athene's response to their prayers

she shakes her head


Where is Paris found

surrounded by Helen and her ladies, examining his superb armour and bow
-Helen again wishes his death


what does Hector refuse from Helen

he will not be persuaded to sit down
he wishes to see his family as he is unsure whether he will ever see them again


Where had Andromache gone

up Ilium's great tower to weep for the men


Andromache's and Hector's meeting

crying she puts her hand in Hector's
says that she might as well be dead when he is
her father, mother, 7 brothers are all dead
wants him to stay
[Achilles cremated Eetion, Andromache's father]


why Hector refuses to stay

he does not want to appear as a coward
he has been trained to win GLORY for himself and his father


What upsets HEctor

is not the destruction of Troy that he foretells
but of Andromache's loss of freedom
he wishes to be dead before that day


Astynax's reaction to HEctor

he shrinks back with a cry, he is terrified by Hector bronze helmet
Hector and Andromache both laugh


Hector's hopes for Astynax

he prays that he becomes mightier than he, better than his father who brings "home the bloodstained armour of the enemy he has killed and delight his mothers heart"


Hector and Andromache's goodbye

Andromache laughs through her tears
Hector calls her "Dear Heart"
He talks about inescapable death
tells her to work with the loom and the spindle
war is mens' business


Andromache after HEctor leaves

Andromache keeps looking back
gets the women to lament, believing Hector would never return


Paris running to meet Hector

compared to a horse who knows how beautiful he is laughing as he ran


Hector and Paris

Hector shows love for Paris, he calls him courageous, says the hurtful things the Trojans say about Paris distresses him


The meaning of Glaucus and Diomedes meaning

it is a chivalric encounter
the obligations of universal guest friendship
heightens Paris's dishonour


Hector's portrayal in this book

as the one savior of Troy


Andromache believes this will kill HEctor

"this determination of yours will be the death of you"