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Name of book

Achilles takes notice


The begining of the book

Strife is sent down to unleash her war cry among the Greeks


Agamemnon in this book

he is presented as a hero
given an arming scene, his body armour a gift from Cinrad of Cyprus for the battle at Troy


A simile to describe the battle

reapers starting from either side of a field, death to all, inescapable


Agamemnon's portrayed as courageous

first to charge in
charges in where it is most confused


Similies to describe Agamemnon

compared to a powerfull lion bringer of death
compared to a raging fire Makes the TRojans flee before him
compared to a lion stampeding a herd


Agamemnon's heroics

kills 6 Trojans
brutally kills the sons of Antimachus who supplicate him
Agamemnon had almost reached the city


Zeus's instructions to Hector

send Iris to tell him not to attack Agamemnon, but when Agamemnon is injured he will give Hector the strength to kill up to the ships


Death of Iphidamas

Iphidamas was raised in a palace
he abandoned his bride in pursuit of glory against the Greeks
his parents had tried to keep him
dies at the hand of Agamemnon


Agamemnon's injury

Coon Iphidamas's brother unnoticed strikes Agamemnon below the elbow
Agamemnon cuts of Coon's head


Agamemnon after his wound

keeps on fighting
when the blood dries he receives stabbing pains
-compared to the pangs a women receives in childbirth
As he flees in his chariot he shouts encouragement to the Greeks


Hector's heroics

when Agamemnon leaves Hector is moved to action
kills 9 Greeks
"the enemy fell in multitudes"


The stand against Hector

Odysseus and Diomedes make a stand
compared to boars charging at the hounds chasing them


Diomedes spots Hector

throws a spear at Hector's head, he is saved by his helmet, he pauses on the ground before getting back to his chariot and escaping


Paris's fighting

shoots an arrow which pierces Diomedes's foot
Paris gets up and speaks like a little boy "got you!"
Diomedes insults him but flees in his chariot


Odysseus's fighting

has a short Aristea
is eventually surrounded by Trojans,
compared to an antlered stag surrounded by jackals


The rescue of Odysseus

Menelaus and Ajax come to his rescue
Ajax kills five Trojans


The battle near the river Scamander

Hector is creating havoc
Paris hits the best Greek warrior Machaon with an arrow


Nestor's actions

saves Machaon in his chariot


What does Hector do in the fight

he avoids Ajax


Will of Zeus shown

he makes Ajax retreat


Ajax's support

Eurypulus, is shot by Paris and retreats


Achilles's actions

dispatches Patroclus to find out if it is Machaon that is being hurried away in Nestor's chariot


Patroclus's fate is sealed

"The begging of his end" (when he is dispatched to see Machaon)


Nestor makes the Greek situation seem desperate

it is the "very best men" lying by the ships. He gives a list of names


Nestor's advice

-he reminds Patroclus of his father's Menoetius's advice who told him Achilles was the stronger man but that his job was to advise him
-proposes the idea that if persuasion does not work enter battle in Achilles's armour with the Myrmidons
-mentions how he fought the Eleans but was not allowed but did really well- tempting glory


Patroclus and Eurypulus

On his way back Erypulus tells him that all the Greeks will die by their ships. Patroclus heals Eurypulus


Importance of Achilles sending Patroclus

shows he is not indifferent
Nestor offers crucial tactical advice that sways the direction of events


Description of Agamemnon's killing spree

"so the routed Trojans were mown down by Agamemnon's onslaught