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Name of Book

Plague and wrath


First word of the Epic

it is described as being destructive


From the very start re are reminded of the importance of the gods

"Sing, goddess, the anger of Achilles son of Peleus"
-sets up a relationship between Homer and the gods


Anger is the cause of many deaths

It was anger that left many bodies "as carrion for the dogs and a feast for the birds"


The relationship between the deaths of the many warriors and Zeus

""and Zeus's purpose was fulfilled"


God that made Achilles and Agamemnon quarrel

Apollo son of Zeus and Leto


What first angered Apollo

disrespected Apollo's priest Chryses and refused to give his daughter Chriseis back
infuriated Apollo


What the Greeks warriors wanted to happen about Chryses

wanted him to be respected, wanted chriseis returned and to accept the ransom


What does Apollo do when Chryses prays to him

fires his arrows for 9 days, causes a plague


Hera's influence on Achilles

gives him the idea to call the men to an assembly


Achnilles actions at the asssembly he calls

calls for a prophet to discover Apollo's reasons for wrath
prophet Calchas


what does the prophet say

prophet calchas son of Thestor
says Chryseis must be given back


Agammemnon's reaction to Calchas's words
(other than being initially furious)

"I want my army alive and well not dead and dying"
agrees to return Chriseis but wants a prices in return


Why Achilles is to blame for the argument

instead of accepting Agamemnon's desire for a prize in return
he insults him calling him "unequaled in your greed"
says it would be impossible to give another prize


Achilles good proposition to Agammemnon

despite insulting him he does make the proposition that once Troy is sacked he will recompense him four times over


Agammemnon takes the quarel further with Achilles, threatening him

threatens to take one of the heroe's prizes
-does mention he will deal with that later


Achilles's hot temper is shown

when his own prize is hreatened he has a long moan at Agamemnon, insults him "shameless swine".
He argues that he does all the fighting but Agamemnon gets the lion's share
Threatens to sail home for Pythia
mentions he had only come to Troy to please Agamemnon not because of a quarrel with the Trojans


Agamemnon's personal threat to Achilles

tells Achilles that he can leave
Says that he will go to Achilles hut and take Briseis


What are Achilles's actions towards Agamemnon
+interference of the Gods

about to kill Agamemnon
Athene sent by Hera stops him
Achilles stops and shows his respect for the gods mentioning it is best for the man who does


Why did Hera send Athene

because she felt equally "close" to both men and was "concerned" for them.


Achilles's final insults

calls Agamemnon a coward
"heart of a doe"
he would rather die than join an ambush and then he never arms himself to go into the battle with the men
and that the Greeks will miss him when he is gone


Nestor's introduction

"eloquent" Nestor
whose speech "flowed sweeter than honey of the tongue"
a good advice, advice that should be followed


Nestor's advice

Agamemnon has the authority, don't rob Achilles of the girl
Achilles stop desiring to cross swords with Agamemnon
Agamemnon derives his authority from Zeus and has the respect of the troops, he is thus his superior
Tells Agamemnon not to be angry against achilles


Agamemnon's reply to Nestor's advice

refuses peace because Achilles wants no superiors


Achilles reply to Nestor's advice

threatens that anyone else who tries to take any of his possessions will lose their life


Agamemnon's actions towards Chriseis

gives her back
makes a sacrifice


Achilles treatment of Agamemnon's heralds

treats them kindly
delivers Briseis to them


where does Chriseis come from

Thebe, Eetion's sacred town


Achilles demands of his mother THetis

to supplicate Zeus to get the Trojans to "MASSACRE" the Greeks


Zeus reaction to Thetis's demand

he agrees
he seals his promise with a nod and Olympus shakes
The will of Zeus
"no failure to fulfill it, no going back, no deception"


Hera and Zeus

Zeus threatens Hera, who insults him about Thetis, Zeus shows that none can contend with him


End of the chapter

chapter ends with a feast of the gods, there is laughter
They go to sleep in beds, Zeus and Hera sleep together
very much like mortals


Briseis reaction to leaving Achilles

she leaves "unwillingly" -just a tool/prize


Overall what has Agamemnon done wrong

he has abused the heroic code
and his position as leader


Achilles says they will miss him when hes gone

"you will tear out your heart in remorse for giving no respect to the best of the GReeks"