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Name of the Book

The Embassy To Achilles


The Greek Mnetality

thinking of flight


Agamemnon's speech

crying he calls an assembly
tells the men to sail home, Ilium will never fall to them
Everyone is speechless


Diomedes's reaction to Agamemnon's speech

calls him a coward, insults him viciously


Nestor's reaction to Agamemnon's speech

he insults him
calls him an outlaw from claw, law and home
advises him, tells him to prepare a feast for the leaders
tells Agamemnon he dishonored Achilles and that they should now try to win him round


Agamemnon's reaction to Nestor's speech

Agrees it was blind folly to dishonor Achilles
he was deluded by Zeus and that he will offer Achilles "limitless compensation"
"willing to make amends"


Agamemnon's gifts

7 untarnished tripods
10 talents of gold
20 cauldrons of gleaming copper
12 powerful racehorses
7 women skilled in arts and crafts
1 untouched Briseis
to load his ship with gold and bronze from sacked Troy
20 Trojan women of his choice
1 of Agamemnon's three daughters hand in marriage
7 prosperous towns, who will honor him like a god


What Agamemnon wants in return from Achilles

he wants him to surrender and to submit to him


The embassy

selected by Nestor
a prayer to Zeus


Achilles is found

playing a lyre from Eetion's town singing of the famous deeds of heroes


How Achilles greats the embassy

he greets them warmly "Welcome Dear friends"
tells Patroclus to serve them less dilute wine


Odysseus's speech

describes the situation
reminds Achilles of his father Peleus's words to keep a firm grip on his proud spirit and to avoid destructive quarrels
gives a list of Agamemnon's promised gifts
tells him the Greeks would honour him like a god
That he would be able to ill Hector and cover himself in glory


Achilles's reply to Odysseus

he refuses because the same death awaits cowardly and brave men alike and that all he has gained is no better than anyone else and Agamemnon gets the lion's share
talks of his choice from Thetis
He now believes nothing to be worth the value of life
"only one" Agamemnon has robbed


What Achilles plans to do (in reply to Odysseus)

He will sacrifice to Zeus and the Gods and will leave the next morning


Phoenix's speech to Achilles

he gives an emotional speech on how he brought him up and tells him to give in to their SUPPLICATION
tells him the story of Meleagre who refused gifts and never got any of them


Achilles reply to Phoenix

"I am honored because Zeus decrees it so"
Invites Phoenix to stay with him and in the morning they will decide whether to sail or not
I "may come to hate you"


Ajax's speech to Achilles

tells him that he takes no pity on his friends
and that he is being silly over one single girl


Achilles's reply to Ajax

he will not contemplate bloodshed till Hector reaches the huts and hips of his Myrmidons


Achilles and Patroclus sleep

with women


Upon the return to the camp

Diomedes condemns Achilles's stubbornness


Why Meleagre had returned to the fight

"by yielding to his personal feelings"


Achilles now values life

"nothing now I see equals the value of life"