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The funeral and the Games


The Myrmidons

led by Avchilles in their lamentations
they drive their chariots round Patroclus three times


Achilles's treatment of Hector

flings him down on his fave by Patroclus's bier "foully maltreated"


Achilles oath about burial

swears the oath before Agamemnon that he will not wash till Patroclus is cremated and buried


Achilles's dream

PAtroclus visits him and asks him to bury him as quickly as possible
asks to be buried with Achilles
Patroclus vanishes gibbering before Achilles can touch him, he weeps


THe next day Achilles is found

found at dawn still mourning


Achilles's hair for the cremation

he cuts of a lock dedicated to the river Spercheus, Peleus had wanted it chopped off upon Achilles's return, he chops it because he will never return


Patroclus's cremation

calls upon the winds to light the fire
many sheep killed
two jars of honey and oil
four horses
two of Patroclus's nine dogs
twelve Trojans "murderously"


The gods take care of Hector's body

Aphrodite anoints his body with Ambrosial oil of roses
Apollo covers him in a cloud so he would not wither in the sun


Achilles weeping over Patroclus

wept like a father mourning his son who has died and left his parents inconsolable


The point of the funeral games

lots of arguing
Achilles proves to be a fair judge


The horse race Eumelus

Eumelus comes last as his horses crash but he drags the chariot
Achilles suggests giving first prize to diomedes the winner and second to Eumelus


The horse race Antilochus

Antilochus Nestor's son had come second through tactics and argues he should still get second prize
Achilles agrees and finds a different prize for Eumelus


The horse race Menelaus

angry, argues Antilochus cut in front of him
Antilochus give him his prize (a mare)
Menelaus pleased given him back the mare since h has worked hard on his behalf (how Achilles and Agamemnon should have acted)


The horse race and Nestor

Achilles gives Nestor a prize for nothing


The wrestling

stops the wrestling between Odysseus and Ajax and calls them both winners


The foot race

Ajax winning
Odysseus prays for Athene's help
he becomes lighter and Ajax trips up
Ajax makes a light hearted joke about Athene being like Odysseus's mother the Greeks laugh
Antilochus the looser says it is hard to beat Odysseus for any but Achilles
Achilles doubles Antilochus's prize of gold



Ajax Diomedes
Ajax loses his spear
all the Greeks are afraid for him and stop the batle



Teucer did not pray to Apollo so only hit the cord, as the bird flies away Meriones quickly shoots the bird because he promised a sacrifice to Apollo under his breath


Spear throwing

Achilles says to Agamemnon
"we know by how much you excel the rest of us" and gives him the first prize without the competition starting"


The point of the dream

the necessity of burial is made clear
a miserable image of the afterlife is painted
Achilles trying to hold onto Patroclus wants to live really, doesn't need glory