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What are 2 questions you would want to ask in your history of a dystocia case?

Length of the problem
Who has attempted the delivery


What 2 things do you want to know from your PE (which will be very brief because this is an Emergency)?

Hydration status
Is she standing or recumbent?


What facilities do you need for dealing with a dystocia?

A chute with a swing gate is ideal.

NOTE: Make sure everyone is aware when the gate is swinging.


When performing the vaginal exam for a dystocia case, what do you do first?

Wash the vulvua and perineum with warm water and mild antiseptic.


During the vaginal exam for a dystocia patient, what do you examine the vagina and cervix for?

Making sure there is no damage, and enough elasticity and lubrication. Good way to cover your ass so people don't blame and damage to the cow on you.


What are the fetal Ps?



When examining the fetus in a dystocia case, what are you looking for?

The 3 Ps
Is the animal still alive
Checking the amniotic fluid


What may indicate that a calf is hypoxic in a dystocia case?

Excessive movement of extremities or the tongue.


When examining the amniotic fluid of a dystocia calf, what does presence of meconium (green staining) tell you?

Calf is stressed.


When examining the amniotic fluid of a dystocia calf, what does presence of a fetid odor tell you?

The calf has died


When examining a dystocia, how do you know if you have the hind limbs or the front limbs?

Front limbs: Joints bend in the same direction.
Hind limbs: Joints bend in different directions.


What is mutation with regards to obstetrical management?

Fetus is restored to a deliverable fashion.


What is repulsion with regards to obstetrical management?

Pushing the fetus out of the maternal pelvis back into the uterine cavity.


What is the purpose of repulsing a fetus?

Gives you more space to mutate the fetus.


What is rotations with regards to obstetrical management?

Turning the fetus on it's longitudinal axis.


What is version with regards to obstetrical management?

Turning the fetus on it's transverse axis into a cranial or caudal presentation.

NOTE: This presentation is rare in cattle.


When using eyehooks on a dystocia, where do you put them?

Into the eyesockets.


What is the Krey hook for in a dystocia?

To help apply traction to the head of the calf.


What is a Cornell detorsion rod used for?

To help turn the fetus if there is a uterine torsion.


What does Dr. French recommend doing with lube in a dystocia case?

Using lots of it, pump it in behind the calf to really help facilitate calving.


What is VERY important to remember about using J-Lube in a dystocia?

Don't use it if there's even a chance that they dystocia could go to C-section because if it leaks into the abdomen, it will cause peritonitis and death.


When re-positioning the calf's feet during a dystocia?

Protect the hoof so it doesn't cause damage to the dam.


How many adults should you have on the calving chains when trying to hand deliver a dystocia?

No more than 2.


What is the lay term for mechanical fetal extractors?

Calf jack


What is an important thing to do for owners with regards to a calf jack?

Teach them how to use it properly to avoid damaging the dam.


Describe proper chain placement for hand delivering a calf.

There should be a loop above, and a half-hitch below the fetlock with the connecting chain on the top of the leg.


When pulling a dystocia calf, how are you and your assistants positioned?

Someone (probably you) are right at the cow giving direction while your assistants are pulling when you tell them to.


What is the proper way to apply traction to a dystocia calf?

Traction on one forelimb, then the opposite to avoid shoulder lock.

EG. Number people 1 and 2. 1 pulls hard, then 2 adds a little tension, then 1 pulls hard again and 2 applies a little tension and so on.


What do you need to do with a dystocia calf to avoid hip lock?

As the fetal head emerges, rotate the calf to fit the hips through the birth canal.


Once a dystocia calf is out, how do you proceed?

Place the calf in sternal, use a bulb syringe to clear the nasal passages.


What are some other options that you can try instead of pulling a dystocia calf?

Live calf: C-section
Dead calf: Fetotomy