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What are the implications of understanding central pattern generators for the future treatment of spinal cord injury?

1. The presence of CPGs in the human spinal cord, with the coordination between the CPGs also localized in the spinal cord, means that the neural substrate for walking remains intact after spinal cord injury.
2. The appropriate stimulation of these centers could result in appropriate walking movements of the legs.


The somatotopic organization of the primary motor cortex is arranged such that

the feet are most medial and head most lateral and ventral.


Lateral/Ventral premotor cortex: is involved in

motor planning


Lateral/Ventral premotor cortex: concerned specifically with

movements triggered by external sensory events


Lateral/Ventral premotor cortex: is important for

1. tasks such as making hand for shape of an object you want to grasp
2. plans actions to be executed with delay


Supplementary motor cortex area is involved in

1. motor planning
2. mentally rehearsing a pattern of movements


Supplementary motor cortex area is concerned specifically with

movements that are initially internally


the cortical somatosensory and motor representation of the body is



phantom limb pain is an example of

denervation and why cortical somatosensory is dynamic


phantom limb pain is due to

large reorganization of somatosensory cortex

1. create map on face that correstonds to phantom limb lost
2. modality sensitive, touch cheek--touch phatom limb


3 types of interneurons in cerebellum

1. basket
2. stellate
3. golgi


3 general effects of cerebellar lesions

1. Synergy
2. Equilibrium
3. Tone


What is another name for the neocerebellum

lateral hemisphere


What problems are associated with Synergy?

Problems with Synergy - Ataxia include the 3 D’s:
1. Dysmetria (try to point at something and point at wrong thing)
2. Decomposition of movement
3. Dysdiadochokinesia (rapidly alternating movements)


Is the output of the basal ganglia inhibitory or excitatory?

1. GPI → (GABA -)
2. Thalamus → (Glu +) Cortex.


What is the minimum number of synapses from a cerebellar Purkinje cell (output cell of the cerebellar cortex) to the cerebral cortex?

1. Purkinje synapses on Dentate.
2. That neuron synapses on VA/VL.
3. That neuron synapses on cortex.


What is the source of climbing fibers reaching the cerebellum?

inferior olive