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Explain why we need scientific research to obtain accurate knowledge

•facts vs. opinion/intuition
•many people can create errors
•many people could belive they are right and be over confident
•there could be a hindsight bias
•misperceiving meaning in randomness. People could pick only people who will help their experiment determine what they want it to determine again with bias


Explain the relationship between the scientific attitude and critical thinking

You should always question wether something is right
-curiosity, skepticism, humility and thinking critically


What is descriptive type of research ?

-no manipulation of variables
1. Case studies
2. Naturalistic observations
3. Surveys
4. Correlational studies
Trying to generalize from a population


What type of research is experimental?

Variables are manipulated and their impact is examined
-determines cause and affect.
-control group doesn't change while experimental group is changed.
-Independent variable is manipulated while dependent variable is the result of the change in the IV


What's correlational research?

Measures how two factors are associated
- strong correlation = .6 or greater
-moderate correlation=.5
-weak correlation= under .5


What's the placebo effect?

People's expectations or beliefs influencing or determining there experience in a given situation


What's random assignment ?

Method of experimental group assignment in which all participants have an equal chance of being assigned to either groups


What's the difference between longitudinal and cross sectional designs ?

Longitudinal groups are studied over a long period of time.
Cross-sectional is when you view two groups at the same time and compare them.


What is the IRB?

Institutional Review board : review proposals for research that involves humans


What is the IACUCs?

Institutional Animal Care and Use Comitee: review animal experimental proposals