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Compare and contrast sensation and preception

-Sensation:activation of neural receptors by environmental stimuli---> immediate stimulation
-Perception:organization and interpretation of those stimuli--->meaning based.


What is meant by bottom-up and top-down processing?

-Bottom-up: taking in sensory information to build perceptions
-top-down:how we interpret those sensations is influenced by our available knowledge, our experiences, and our thoughts. using models, ideas, and expectations to interpret sensory information


Explain the conditions of synesthesia

-synesthesia: stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to automatic experiences n another pathway. ex every number you see has a specific color it has.


Compare and contrast absolute thresholds with difference thresholds.

-Absolute thresholds: minimum level of stimulus intensity needed to detect a stimulus
-Difference thresholds: how much difference in stimuli is required to detect a difference between them.


explain subliminal processing

-Messages that are perceived outside the conscious awareness(outside awareness). ex billboards


explain sensory adaptation

-when we become less responsive to unchanging stimuli. ex, having a cell phone in your pocket.


What is transduction?

Converts physical stimuli into nerve impulses
ex. light waves converted into nerve impulses in retina.
sound waves into nerve impulses in cochlea.


how does transduction occur in the ear?

-outer ear directs air vibrations--> bone & hair movement in inner ear-->nerve impulses


What are some examples of perception?

-organizing words into music
-interpreting words for meaning


What are the factors that influence perceptual interpretation