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Name the military leader who held the reins of power in Japan. What region did you want to conquer?

General Hideki Tojo
He called for Japanese conquest of China and the Pacific.


What incident caused America to enter the war?

The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor on November 7, 1941.


Identify these things

Free French government
Charles de Gaulle
London blitz
Emperor Hirohito
Tripartite treaty
Chang Kai-shek
Mitsuo Fuchida


Name the generals who stopped German general Edward Rommel and secured north Africa for the allies.

General Sir Bernard Montgomery from Britain and General Mark Clark from America


What was the third front suggested by Churchhill for the allied attack on Germany?

To attack Germany through Italy


What events led up to miscellanies downfall?

The Allies in north Africa were coming to Italy and took advantage of their position launching an attack in July 1943. The Italians sensed their coming defeat and removed Mussolini from power.


Name the American general chosen to head up the D-Day invasion. Where did the allies stage their assault on Hitler's Europe?

General Dwight D. Eisenhower
The beaches of Normandy in northern France.


What battle was Germany's last effective stand against the Allied forces?

The battle of the Bulge


Explain how German officers were involved in the deterioration of the German war effort.

Some German officers disagreed with Hitler and thought he was a madman and tried to kill him with a bomb.


When did Germany surrender? What was V-E Day? Was the war over?

Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945 one week after Hitler committed suicide.
Victory in Europe day
The war was not over because Japan still had to be dealt with


What was unusual about the Battle of Coral Sea?

It was the first battle in which the ships didn't see each other. It was fought by planes flying from aircraft carriers to kill each other.


What super secret weapon was perfect it in 1945 and who made the decision to use this weapon? Why?

The atomic bomb
President Harry S. Truman
He decided to use the atomic bomb in order to save many lives that would've been lost if Japan and America had kept fighting and hoped it would finally end the war.


What had the Nazi death camps been used for? How many Jews were murdered by the Nazis?

The concentration camps were built for exterminating the Jewish race as well as Germans and others who resisted him.
6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis


Identify these things

Bataan death march
Battle of Midway
Battle of Leyte Gulf
Island hopping
V-J day