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When were east and west Germany united and how did the Germans react to unification?

They were reunited November 9, 1989.
Reunification sparked a wave of patriotism and excitement among Germans


Explain how the Soviet union ceased to exist as a nation.

Mikael Gorbachev allowed Soviet bloc countries to disband from the USSR in 1989-1990. By December 1991, 11 of the former Soviet republics of doing together to form the Commonwealth of Independent states. This Soviet union cease to exist as a nation on December 25, 1991.


How did university students and trying to show their desire for freedom? How did the communist government respond?

They rallied and Tiananmen Square for a great demonstration for freedom.
Deng Xaiao Pang ordered the Communist Party to crush the freedom demonstrations in the Square. Many were killed or jailed as a consequence.


Identify these people and places

Reagan doctrine
Muammar al Qaddafi
Strategic defense initiative
Lech Walesa
Nicolas Ceausescu