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Clinical, counselling, community psychologists, and psychiatrists do what?

Study the origin of psychological disorders and day to day evaluate treatment options. Provide diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders and other issues of personal adjustment


Rehabilitation psychologists do what?

provide assessment and counselling for people with disabilities or illnesses; offer coping strategies and education to affected individuals, caretakers, employers and community members


Psychopharmacologists and biological psychologists do what?

Study the biochemical bases of behavioiur, feelings and mental processes


Experimental psychologists and behaviour analysts do what?

use laboratory experiments, often with non-human participants, to study basic processes of learning, sensation, perception, emotion and motivation


cognitive psychologists and cognitive geneticists do what?

Study mental processes such as memory, perception, reasoning, problem solving, decision making and language use


personality psychologists and behavioural geneticists do what?

Develop tests and theories to understand differences in personalities and behaviours; study the influence of genetics and environments on those differences


Social psychologists do what?

Study how people study in social groups as well as the processes by which people select, interpret and remember social information


Developmental psychologists do what?

Study the changes that occur in the physical, cognitive and social functioning of indiviiduals across the life span, study the influence of genetics and environments on those changes


Industrial-organisational psychologists and human factors psychologists do what?

Study the factors that influence performance and morale in the general workplace or on particular tasks;  apply those insights in the workplace


Educational and school psychologists do what?

Study how to improve aspects of the learning process; help design school curricula, teaching-training and child-care programs


Health psychologists do what?

Study how different lifestyles affect physical health; design and evaluate prevention programs to help people change unhealthy behaviours and cope with stress


Forensic psychologists do what?

Apply psychological knowledge to human problems in the field of law enforcement


Sports psychologists do what?

Assess the performance of athletes and use motivational, cognitive and behavioural processes to help them achieve peak performance levels


Quantitative psychologists and psychometricians do what?

Develop and evaluate new statistical methods, construct and validate measurement tools


Mathematical psychologists do what?

Develop mathematical expressions that allow for precise predictions about behaviour and tests of contrasting psychological theories